Go Find the Talent 

Recruiting tips: How do you find the top talent for your team? Or maybe the better question is, do you find the top talent for your team? Finding talented people for your team is a lot of hard work. It’s not as simple as posting a job to your company website or to external job boards and waiting for the top people in the area to submit their resumes to you. It’s a time-committed, resource-driven effort to find the best workers and recruit them to work for your team.

Recruiting the best talent requires a plan of action on your part to proactively go out and find the best. It takes hard recruiting, as well as some good salesmanship, to bring those applicants into your team.

Proactive Recruiting

When it comes to proactive recruiting, some HR teams fall short on the proactive piece of that process. The easy part is posting the job to the company website and job boards. If your company is offering a top notch job, with a can’t-say-no-salary, and limitless benefits, that may be all you need to do.

But take these recruiting tips: In reality, the job you are posting is probably pretty comparable to similar jobs being posted by other companies in the industry, with a comparable salary, benefits, vacation, and 401(k) options.

Differentiating yourself from the other companies out there offering similar positions is imperative to finding top talent. A strong recruiting team should proactively be reviewing similar open jobs and finding ways to make your job and your organization stand out from the competition.


Linkedin is a great professional networking site that should be used at your disposal. Not only should you be posting your job(s) on Linkedin, but develop and post articles about your company, and about the open position, with a link back to the job posting.

Proactively recruit directly through Linkedin by networking with existing connections. Being proactive in your recruiting practices, instead of passively waiting for applicants to submit their resumes, is a good approach to finding the top talent.

Open House and Job Fairs

Depending on your recruiting budget, hosting an open house or setting up a table at a job fair may also be good alternatives for your team. Hosting an open house at your office allows you to meet applicants face-to-face and to ascertain an immediate feel if they may be the right fit.

Job fairs provide the same opportunities for you to meet applicants face-to-face, as well as pull them aside for a more in depth level of screening.

Recruiting Professionals

Recruiting is hard work on an organization. Posting a job and waiting for applicants to submit applications is not the strongest approach to finding the best candidates. Proactive measures by you and your recruiting team are a must if you want to find the cream of the crop. Follow our recruiting tips to find the top candidates for your organization.

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