As a top manufacturing recruiter in Philadelphia, it is our job to stay on top of trends in the industry. This gives our firm sufficient knowledge about what skills and experience to look for when interviewing candidates for manufacturing firms like yours. Here are some of the manufacturing trends we’ll consider when hiring this fall.


Advancing technology plays a key role in how many manufacturing companies operate. Emerging technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are important concepts to keep in mind. When sifting through candidates, it is crucial to consider tech-savviness as well as open-mindedness toward tech innovations in the industry.

Supply Chain

Any manufacturing recruiter will tell you that the supply chain is one of the most important moving parts within the industry. Scarce materials and increased costs can cause issues within the supply chain, but the ability to make strong connections and have backup plans in place can make a major difference. Hiring skilled manufacturing candidates who have supply chain management skills may be crucial for the longevity of a manufacturing firm.


Top staffing agencies understand the importance of sustainability in the manufacturing industry. It is a growing aspect of the field, as more and more companies look to purchase from manufacturers that prioritize eco-friendly practices. Manufacturing recruiting firms will strive to find candidates who care about reducing emissions and finding ways to implement sustainable procedures within factories and offices.


The supply chain took a hit when the COVID pandemic caused labor shortages; the uncertain economy caused firms to stop looking toward the future. However, in the post-pandemic era, it is important for manufacturing companies to keep long-term goals in mind while maintaining emergency plans for the here and now. Hiring individuals who have a vision while keeping current issues in mind is crucial.


With advances in technology around the world, it’s become more important than ever to keep company files and procedures secure. As more cybersecurity measures are implemented among manufacturing firms, looking for candidates who understand this concept is key.

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