When you hire a recruiting and staffing agency to find top talent for your agency or company, you can depend on their expertise to find the right candidates. Part of this expertise lies in creating job postings that draw candidates. Let’s review five things every job post created by an experienced IT headhunter, food and beverage recruiter, or manufacturing headhunter will include.

A Relevant Job Title and Description

Since about 63% of job openings are newly created positions, it’s important that every job posting has a relevant job title as well as a detailed description. An overview of the position should include the job’s responsibilities, who the person in the position would report to, who would report to the person in the position, and how the job fits into the company or agency overall. What’s the position’s purpose and why is it important? A fantastic job posting created by an engineering or manufacturing headhunter will answer these questions.

A Video

Did you know that the candidate application rate goes up by approximately 34% when a job posting includes a video? For that reason, it’s important to include a short and engaging video that gives a brief overview of the position as well as the company. This gives candidates the opportunity to get a more personal view of the place they’d work in and the people they’d work with.


Including information about the benefits of the position is key for any job posting. Candidates want to know what holidays they’ll have off, how much time they’ll have to spend with family and friends outside of work during vacation time, and how much sick time they’ll receive. Some positions may even have unique benefits, such as flexible work hours, which should definitely be included in the job posting as well. Any information technology or manufacturing headhunter knows that including any information that will grab a candidate’s attention is important!


Location is crucial, as some jobs have the flexibility of working from home and some jobs require workers to come into an office or facility. Because of this, including information about the job’s location and hours is key for any job post.

An “About Us” Section

Finally, all job postings should include an “About Us” section that highlights the company or agency that is seeking candidates. It should include information about how the company started, why it’s successful, company values, and why a candidate should perhaps consider working for them. This is a section that can draw applicants by being personal and fun!

On average, job seekers spend about 11 hours per week searching for the perfect position. Why not make this process easier for them by ensuring every job posting has necessary and relevant information written in an enticing way? Work with a food and beverage, IT, or manufacturing recruiter at one of the best staffing agencies for top-tier staffing services. Contact us today!