The global manufacturing industry has gone through many changes in the past few years. From supply chain issues to factories shutting down, it has been a turbulent time. How have manufacturing recruiting firms dealt with the erratic movement in hiring for these industries? And how have they recovered? Keep reading to find out!

Replacing the Workforce

Sourcing talent has proven to be an issue recently, as recruiters say that one of their biggest stressors is sourcing qualified candidates at 35%. Another 30% of those stressors are due to clients being reluctant to make an offer. Since there was a drop-off in hiring in the past few years, the workforce has thinned out. Manufacturing recruiting firms are using their connections to find fresh candidates that are looking to start a long career in the manufacturing industry. With an emphasis on workplace culture and diversity in recent years, you can expect to see an even greater number of candidates responding to the staffing agency service you hire.

Getting to Know the Job

Along with their updated focus on the new generation of manufacturing candidates, recruiters prioritize getting to know the positions they’re recruiting for. Recruiters can specialize in certain fields of the manufacturing industry in order to provide an even deeper level of knowledge about their assigned clients. Recruiters for manufacturers should understand the responsibilities and requirements for the role fully before starting their hiring process. This will set up your recruiting and staffing agency for success in finding a match for your job.

Understanding the Candidates

Along with knowing the position, it’s important for a recruiter to understand the needs and desires of the candidates. Do they want an open workplace culture? Do they prioritize diversity? While these characteristics of a candidate are not quantifiable, they play a big part in fitting the prospective employee to the position. Your recruiter needs to understand the mission statement, the values, and the culture of your company to be effective.

With their many resources, know that you can trust manufacturing recruiting firms to handle your hiring. Whether you need a direct hire or an executive search, Kane Partners has it covered. All candidates will go through our intensive, 10-step staffing process that will find the right candidate for your position. To get started with a manufacturing recruiter, call us today!