The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the manufacturing industry. Shortages with both materials and workers caused issues that are now starting to turn back around. In fact, according to Industry Select, United States manufacturers added 55,000 new positions to the industry in April 2022.

If you’re in charge of staffing a manufacturing facility with competent and skilled workers, you should hire a manufacturing recruiter to help you. They understand the following manufacturing industry trends and will ensure you’re staffed with the top talent in the manufacturing industry.

E-Commerce Growth

According to Forbes, E-Commerce sales hit $870 billion in the United States in 2021, which is a 14.2% increase from 2020. With the rise of online retail stores as well as more people visiting stores in person since the pandemic began, the manufacturing industry has definitely been affected. Manufacturing recruiters have a good understanding of this growth and will help staff your facility with workers who will help you reach your business goals.

Supply Chain Disruptions

The COVID-19 pandemic also greatly affected the supply chain. According to Deloitte, 41% of executives in the manufacturing industry said they plan to add or diversify suppliers in their existing market. Other executives may choose to localize their businesses to be closer to their end clients, which helps eliminate delivery issues. Because of these supply chain disruptions, manufacturing companies are making changes, which means they may need more workers to help keep up with demands. A manufacturing recruiter will help find the right people to fill positions at your facility.

Staffing Shortages

Since the beginning of the pandemic, unemployment rates have soared from 3.5% to 11.1% with a real rate of 18%. This means that your manufacturing facility may be in dire need of skilled and polished workers who are ready to get back into the workforce. A manufacturing recruiting firm has connections that will ensure your facility is staffed expertly.

These manufacturing industry trends are important to understand in today’s world, but especially so for busy manufacturing facilities in need of top talent. When you need a manufacturing recruiter by your side to help staff your facility, turn to Kane Partners. We’re one of the best staffing agencies in Philadelphia. Get in touch with us today!