“Seriously, I’m not on the market!” 

We get it. 

Neither were we until we realized what is happening in today’s job market. In case you didn’t know, there is an influx of amazing opportunities with some of the best, well-funded, revenue positive technology startups this market has seen, BUT not enough qualified talent, especially in the AI space. 

If (when) you can get away from the ‘noise’ of avoiding recruiter calls, texts and emails, you can start to see what is really here. The challenge is knowing who to talk to, who has access to the ‘real’ jobs, the next BIG IPO. That is the type of company you want to work for. That is the dream job you never knew you wanted. Did we peak your interest? 

If you are going to take a recruiter call, we suggest it be with a Kane Partners executive. Whether you are looking for a position in New York City, Philadelphia, or Silicon Valley – we have you covered. We know when we have an assignment that is worth screaming from the roof-tops of the Flatiron section of Manhattan. Right now… we have that opportunity. 

Over the last decade, technology start-ups have made a big name for themselves. IPOs and acquisitions have people racing for the next big idea and cloud-based solution, especially with  Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

OK, here is the rundown on how we will help you land the job you never knew you wanted as a software developer in AI – front-end, back-end or devops.

Take the Call 

It seems obvious, but unless we talk, you aren’t going to know what we have to offer. Take time now to build a relationship with a recruiter, no games. So when something amazing comes our way – you can trust us when we say… YOU WANT THIS.

Hear us out

If we are telling you this is the one, we mean it! So put your guard down of not “being on the market’ and listen with an open mind. No what-if’s, just consider what is being shared. Want it first, before you come up with 100 reasons why it’s not right. 

Take a chance, Say YES

When it’s a well-funded start-up, you can expect the best minds in the industry working together to solve some of the biggest challenges in AI. It’s about collaboration. But in order to do that you have to be willing to take the chance to be a part of it. 

After reading this, are you really still “not on the market?” 

Before you answer, talk with us… a five minute exploration call. No haggling, no resume, no games – just a call. Together let’s see if we really have the job you never knew you wanted! 

When you call, ask for Michael, 215-699-5500. Tell him you read this article and you’re ready to talk. If you’re not impressed with what he has to say, we will buy you a cup of coffee, on us!