When people are searching for a job, they may wish that one could fall right in their lap. Your company probably wants the same thing, and that’s why you should be using headhunters to staff. Headhunters are professionals hired by companies to find the best candidates in their field. They help you fill positions quickly and find perfect potential hires. Yet, how can these candidates get on their radar and get hired faster?

They Can Create a LinkedIn Profile

There are businesses of all kinds that are using headhunters to staff. Recruiting and staffing agency services help you focus on your company while they worry about hiring. You do not have time to scroll through the many LinkedIn profiles out there, but this is why you are using headhunters to staff.

If candidates have the right skills and experience listed in their resume, your headhunters will contact them to discuss further. They must include all their experience on LinkedIn to present themselves as the best fit for your company and industry.

They Must Always Respond to Headhunters

If your recruiting agency finds a potential hire’s profile and contacts them, they should always respond. That should be their rule of thumb. Even if the candidate has no interest in pursuing, they can let the recruiter know. Your recruiter may just say thank you and end the conversation there. They could also say that they have another position in your company based on their experience. These potential hires never know what is going to happen, so they should always respond and see what can happen for them. If they like your company that is using headhunters to staff, they should try and discuss other positions that may be available to them. Your headhunter may find a great, responsive candidate for you in this way.

Contact the Headhunters Themselves

Some people may reach out to the recruiting company themselves. According to blog.capterra.com, recruiters normally take 42 days to fill a new position, and potential hires can cut some of this time. They can contact your recruiter by going to your business’ LinkedIn profile and searching through your employees. This will help them get one step closer to joining your company’s team and will save you the trouble of having to find them yourself.