Recruiting 101

Recruiting is a two way street. Finding the right candidate is vital to the employer, and finding the right employer is just as vital to the candidate. How does recruiting fit into the mix? Does recruiting benefit the employer, the candidate, or both?

The easy answer to the above questions is recruiting benefits both the employer and the candidate. A recruiter’s main mission is to match prospective employers with qualified candidates. The really good recruiters look a little deeper though and try to match the prospective employers with qualified candidates who meet each other’s long-term goals

Not Just Filling Seats

Recruiting is not just about filling empty seats in the office. It’s about searching for qualified candidates who meet an employer’s short-term and long-term needs and objectives. It’s about finding candidates who match the employer’s mission.

It’s this mentality that truly separates the good recruiters from the recruiting pack. And it’s the recruiters who know how to actively go out and pursue potential candidates that really make a difference to an organization, and not just sit back and wait for candidates to come to them. 

Strong recruiters today use tools like social media to their advantage in finding not only candidates searching for jobs, but also finding the passive candidates who aren’t actively job searching.

Recruiters Advantage to Candidates

From a candidate perspective, recruiters may be more likely to put you in front of prospective employers than not. With a recruiter’s networking connections and knowledge of the key openings in the job market, they can place the right candidate in front of the right employer.

A good recruiter will dig into a candidate’s strengths, career objectives, and goals and look to find an employer who meets the candidate’s objectives. Simply placing a candidate in the first open job is a recipe for disaster for the employer, candidate, and recruiter.

Kane Partners

Whether you are a candidate searching for new challenges or an employer searching for your next rock star, contact Kane Partners today.

6 09, 2018

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