Filling your IT Roles

Recruiting, hiring, and developing top IT professionals for your organization can be an extreme undertaking. Filling holes within the team, as well as onboarding and developing new talent, is a major investment for any company. Organizations sometimes struggle with this process due to the time, commitment, and resources required to bring on new employees. Too often, the end result of the interview process for hiring managers is not bringing in the top IT professionals, but instead bringing in the best warm body from the applicant pool.

Where does your organization stand when it comes to your IT staffing? Do you grab the top talent, or do you bring in the warm body? If it’s the latter, you are not alone. All hiring managers and organizations want the top talent to run and execute their IT departments, but unfortunately for some, they struggle with the commitment of making that happen. Time and resources sometimes stand in the way of bringing in the best of the best vs. the best warm body.

Recruit on your own or use a Placement Service?

Recognizing the shortfalls in an organization’s recruiting process is the first step in moving toward seizing the top IT professionals in the area. Recruiting, finding, and hiring may be the most important staples in any organization, but they are sometimes also looked at as an afterthought.

IT managers already juggle multiple plates throughout a given week. The process of recruiting talent, or developing a recruiting team within your organization to bring in IT professionals, pulls hiring managers away from their day to day job. It can create a strain within the organization as the recruiting and hiring process, in general, will take several weeks or even months to find the individual most suited for the role. It’s a complex situation many companies wrestle with when it comes to recruiting IT professionals.

Job placement and staffing services such as Kane Partners Staffing Solutions takes the recruiting strain off of the hiring manager and puts it in the hands of the professionals who will make it happen. Kane Partners recruits and finds the top IT professionals for your organization.

As a hiring manager, the value Kane Partners provides you, is not only recognized in the top IT talent we recruit, but also in the time and resources we save you in the process. Kane Partners commitment to your organization is on display in the IT staffing professionals we provide your company.

Benefits of Placement Services

As experts in the recruiting business, Kane Partners specializes in discovering and recruiting top IT professionals and finding the right match with your company. The value we provide hiring managers can be found in the tasks that can be eliminated from the hiring manager’s responsibilities, such as:

  • Posting Jobs
  • Reviewing Applicants
  • Scheduling and Conducting Interviews
  • Narrowing Qualified Candidates
  • Proceeding with a Job Offer and Negotiations

Temporary to Permanent, Short-Term, Direct Hire

The hiring process is not only a commitment to a manager’s time, but it’s an investment your company is making to ensure it is getting the IT expertise it needs. Finding the right person for the job is an important task placed on hiring managers.

An effective way to combat the idea of bringing in the wrong person is temporary to permanent positions. This process allows hiring managers to bring an IT professional in on a temporary basis with the ability to make him or her a permanent member of the team. As a manager, this affords you the ability to bring someone in on a trial basis while still fulfilling and executing the responsibilities of the job or project, all while evaluating their talent within the organization.

Short-term positions also provides managers the flexibility and convenience to bring aboard top notch IT professionals on an interim basis to complete a project or fill in for someone on leave. Short-term staffing solutions allows managers to continue to move forward in day-to-day production without missing a beat.

Of course direct hire positions is an effective staffing solution for managers who do not have the time or resources to complete the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process. Kane Partners provides managers the ability to continue on in managing their team and department, while placing the recruitment and placement of the IT professionals in our hands.