Not Getting the Recruits?

Finding top talent, or finding the right talent, for your open position can have its ups and downs in the market just like anything else. At some points, the recruiting talent level may be sky-high, and as an employer, you have your pick of the litter when it comes to hiring the right individual for your team. But what happens when the search recruits don’t find you?

As an employer, it’s the low times that create the sleepless nights when trying to figure out how to fill the holes on your team.  

Contributing to Low Job Recruits

Many factors will dictate the job market, including low unemployment levels as well as a poor economy.  

Low unemployment levels can leave employers scratching their heads when it comes to recruiting. Low unemployment levels often favor the individual, not necessarily the potential employer, because individuals can be more selective in their job hunt.

Another contributing factor to low job recruits can be an overall bad economy itself. A bad economy will tend to keep job searchers at bay. When the economy goes on a slide, many employees find it safer to stay put in their current position rather than take on the risk of a new job during an economic downturn. Many individuals don’t want to risk moving to a new job during a downturn and then potentially find themselves in a layoff situation within a few months.

Combating the Low Recruits

When finding the top talent is scarce, employers can continue with the task of posting job openings on the company website and waiting for search recruits to find them. They can also continue the long and arduous journey of recruiting through LinkedIn and reaching out to colleagues for referrals and top candidates. These processes sink resources, time, and energy from your staff and keep the team from working on tasks that may keep them more productive.

Kane Partners is the answer to your recruiting concerns. With their database of top-tiered talent, partnerships throughout the industry, and the overall experience of their recruiting team, Kane Partners has the expertise needed when it comes to finding and delivering top recruits for your technical needs.

Established in 2004, Kane Partners has developed its reputation as one of Philadelphia’s top recruiting teams for IT staffing, engineering, marketing, sales, and manufacturing. With decades of recruiting experience, and with its ten-step recruiting process, Kane Partners will find the recruit your team needs. Payment is on a contingency basis, so you don’t pay until Kane Partners delivers the individual you need for your team.

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