Proactive Approach to Recruiting

Life in recruiting has its ebbs and flows just as any other position in your organization. There are times when the top level applicants won’t stop flowing into your inbox, and there are certainly times when the applicant pool simply dries out.

As an organization, what do you do when the well dries up? Open positions need to be filled so sitting back and waiting for top applicants to find you isn’t always the option.

Being proactive and staying on top of recruiting and ahead of the top talent is certainly a more productive way for teams to operate.

Finding Top Talent

Recruiting should be on an ongoing process for your organization. It shouldn’t be just a task that is complete when positions open within your team. For firms looking to get an edge in recruiting, the process for engaging top talent should be an ongoing function.

Your team can stay on top of recruiting several ways:

  • Join networking groups and attend events
  • Attend open job and career fairs
  • Offer incentives like referral bonuses to your team
  • Connecting with potential candidates via social media

The edge for your team in recruiting top talent occurs in the preparation. Talented individuals will certainly apply to your open jobs that are posted on job boards and your company website, but it can be more fruitful for your team to proactively recruit these individuals as well.

Is a Recruiting Agency Right for your Team?

The challenge with an upfront recruiting approach for some teams is they simply don’t have the resources or budget to proactively tackle their recruiting. As a result, the only real recruiting happens when there is a job opening which leads some organizations to wait to see what applicants find them. While this is certainly a sound approach, it may not necessarily be the best approach for your team.

The right option for your organization may be investing in a recruiting firm. The right recruiting firm will know your organization thoroughly and have a bench of quality candidates for when your business needs arise, or they will have your job and company requirements and be ready to take the necessary steps in recruiting your next hire.

A strong recruiting agency may be the difference in your organization hiring good candidates vs. hiring the best candidates.

Kane Partners 10-Step Hiring Process

At Kane Partners, we take your recruiting needs very seriously. Beginning with our initial engagement with you and your team, Kane Partners will:

  • Target the candidates who best fit your business need
  • Screen and interview candidates
  • Prep candidates for their interview with you and your team
  • Upon feedback from your team, present candidate with an offer
  • Assist you and candidate  through the offer and negotiations stage
  • Transition candidate through offer acceptance and resignation of current employment

Kane Partners takes the resourcing and time commitment of recruiting off of your team’s shoulders and places it on us to find the right candidates for you.  Contact Kane Partners today to see how we will help your team find your next top candidates.