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If you are in search of a reliable, professional IT staffing firm, Kane Partners LLC is the place for you. Kane Partners LLC has some of the best results and ratings anywhere in Pennsylvania, and are the leading connectors of well-paying employers to hard-working employees. Contact Kane Partners LLC for details about job categories and more by calling (215)699-5500 or email us at

Partnering with the Right IT Staffing Firm

IT Staffing FirmIt takes quite a bit of work to find the right IT staffing firm. Before entering into a partnership with a company there are a lot of details to take into consideration. Take a look into Kane Partners and see why we are the best at what we do.

Kane Partners works with various organizations around the US to locate the right fit for their client’s vacancies. We have been providing top IT staffing solutions to companies from Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware since 2004. Over the years, Kane Partners has come to be recognized as one of the top placement agencies in the region.

Ten Step Hiring Process

It starts with a unique 10-step process that is unlike any other method being used today, beginning with a partnership agreement that helps our experts determine the best course of action in meeting your needs. The partnership agreement will lay the foundation from which all of the other steps in the hiring process will follow. Investing time in these initial steps saves valuable resources and energy for all parties involved throughout the entire hiring process.

Once your company’s requirements are fully understood, Kane Partners IT staffing firm will go to work searching our resources for the candidate with the experience and skill sets you are looking for. Our hiring search includes looking closely at past work history and experience. Once we have found a candidate who aligns closely with your open position requirements, the candidate will be prepared for the interview process.

Your Hiring Business is our Business

You won’t find another IT staffing firm that is as dedicated to finding the perfect hire for your company as Kane Partners. Our process relies on both parties being as open and honest in the communication process as possible. In the event your company does not feel the candidate is the right fit for your agency, we will begin the search for additional candidates who better match your needs.

If you’re having a difficult time filling a position that has been open for too long, rest easy knowing that Kane Partners is able to draw from an ever-increasing network of top IT professionals to fill your vacant position. Put Kane Partners 10-step process to the test and see why other IT corporations around the region rely on our process to organize and streamline their hiring process.

If you’re ready to get started, go to and make use of our extensive online resources. Enjoy our informative blogs and articles; read about the company’s history and success; and if interested to learn more, make a call to 215-699-5500 to speak with Gary Kane.