Partnering with Kane Partners in your Executive Search

The process of searching and placing top level executives is not a task for organizations to take too lightly. For obvious reasons, finding and hiring an executive is much different than filling any other hole in the organization. During the search for a new executive, organizations are looking for the right combination of experience, skills, and maybe most importantly, the leadership that individual brings in taking the organization into its future. It’s not a position to swing and miss on.

So, what are the options companies have when faced with their executive search efforts? They could go it alone with their internal recruiting team or they can partner with an industry leader in recruiting top level executives. Companies need to balance the pros and cons of taking on this effort alone vs. hiring a staffing solutions provider to assist in the search efforts. What are the true benefits in partnering with a staffing solutions firm during an executive search effort?

Benefits of Kane Partners

During this crucial time in a company’s history, it’s reasonable to suggest the benefits in partnering with Kane Partners. Placing the efforts in our hands in recruiting qualified candidates proves valuable from many standpoints, such as:

  • Time savings for the hiring company
  • Partnership with a proven leader whose partners each possess 30 years’ experience in the industry
  • Large database of qualified candidates
  • Ability to recruit active and passive candidates
  • Industry credibility  

Partnering with Kane Partners provides companies with our strong leadership and know-how in searching for top tier executives. It immediately gives an organization a leg-up in ensuring only the top executives are being recruited in your company’s search.

Time Savings and Partnership

This is a critical time in a company’s survival. A wrong hire at this level can set an organization back years in their development and growth. Time, energy, and effort need to be extremely strong at this juncture. If your company does not have this luxury it will create quite a strain on your recruiting team.

Partnering with Kane Partners provides companies the time and energy to focus on other needs within the organization. Recruiting teams can focus more on lower level positions that may not need the same time commitment and attention to detail as an executive search will require. The investment in partnering with Kane Partners will not only be felt and seen in the energy and effort that is saved within an organization’s recruiting team, but also in the qualified candidates who are lined up for your internal interview process.

Large Database of Qualified Candidates

With Kane Partners large database of qualified candidates, we are already in position to hit the ground running with your organization’s executive search effort. On a daily basis Kane is sourcing, recruiting and vetting qualified and unqualified candidates. We understand the importance of moving quickly when it comes to finding a top level executive for a company. Our goal is to immediately start the process to allow your company to quickly place this critical piece within the organization.  

Our Credibility

Kane Partners has been in the industry since 2004 and we’re only getting stronger. Our team has decades of experience in placing top executives in the top companies in the area. Kane Partners prides itself in getting the job done, every time.

Talk with us today about our proven track record and find out how we can help your organization fill your executive need.