Growing Companies Need Top Level Talent

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Recruiting Agencies Filling a Critical Role

According to the American Staffing Association’s website there are at least 20,000 staffing agencies currently operating in the United States, with 39,000 offices country wide, and which contribute more than $136 billion dollars to the U.S. Economy every year. That is a stunning dollar amount and an impressive number of companies in the staffing industry.  The ASA estimates that about 3 million people are sent into the workforce each and every day through these staffing industries.

So what do all of these numbers mean?

Well, simply put (in my humble opinion) it means that staffing companies provide a crucial service

Which is good, since the number of jobs that companies are looking to fill is currently on an upward trend.  So the help that companies need to fill the positions will keep increasing as well.  In a recent article on by Karsten Strauss titled, Which Job Positions Do Employers Constantly Need To Fill, he talks about positions that companies keep listed on job boards for extended periods of time.  On his list of the top 10 positions, the #3 position is Software Developer and #6 is Tech Support Specialist.  The positions stay posted not because they are unable to fill them, but because “the need for new bodies never goes away.”

top level talent

Great news for staffing agencies working in IT!

However, IT is not the only industry that is seeing increased growth.  A recent article by PR Newswire entitled Economic Growth to Continue Throughout 2016 goes into detail about the expected growth for the manufacturing industry with revenue projected to increase almost 2.8% in the next year.

And what happens when revenue increases?  Hiring increases tend to follow.

However with a well performing company, things get busy, and the focus on top level candidate sourcing can get pushed to the side.  There are simply not enough hours in the day, to deal with the current staff, HR needs, company needs, and all the other things that make up a typical work day.  Why stress about the hiring process when you don’t need to?

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