Hiring is more important than ever. With job seekers being more selective about what they are looking for in a job, understanding how you can be an appealing employer will be essential. One of the most important characteristics our staffing agency has heard from job seekers is that they look for workplace flexibility, which refers to the ability to change, adjust, and accommodate unexpected circumstances. Here’s why workplace flexibility is so important to job seekers.

Reduces Stress

Balancing work and home life can be stressful for anyone. Luckily, workplace flexibility aids in achieving a proper work-life balance. With flexibility, employees feel less pressure and stress and are able to better focus on doing their work while they’re on the clock. This, in turn, makes employees more productive.

Increases Job Satisfaction

You want your employees to have job satisfaction and a feeling of well-being at work. Luckily, flexibility can help. Our staffing agency service has done the research and, according to the National Library of Medicine, flexible scheduling, for example, reduces job-related stress by 20% and increases satisfaction by 62%. Not only does flexibility increase your employees’ job satisfaction, but it makes it less likely that your employees will look for employment elsewhere, as they feel satisfied and rewarded by their current job.

Shows Trust

No one wants to work for a company or manager that makes them feel like they’re not trusted. Fortunately, it’s very easy to show you have trust in your employees. Our recruiter staffing agency has asked candidates how companies can show their trust in them, and we compiled a short list! Giving your employees flexibility to make decisions about when they work, how they work, and how to manage their own time were the most popular answers. When you show trust in your employees, it boosts both engagement and productivity.

If you want your company to compete in today’s world where job seekers are more selective and focus on finding jobs with workplace flexibility, you should take the steps needed to ensure you are keeping up. If you need help finding qualified, trustworthy candidates for recruiting and staffing, give us a call today at Kane Partners. Our staffing agency will be happy to help you.