What is the Role of a Good Recruiter?

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Understanding the Importance of a Strong Staffing Partner

Let’s face it, recruiters have a tough reputation; it is unfortunately well deserved in many cases.

We’ve heard the horror stories; all of them. Some ridiculous and laughable, some tragic.

Too often prospective candidates are contacted by recruiters wholly ignorant of what they are actually seeking. The recruiter, who in many cases is a recent grad with no related experience and little training, receives a specification from their client, (which may or may not be an up-to-date representation of what the company actually wants to hire), merrily highlights some buzz words, does a key word search on an internal or external database and poof, they are off to the races…coming to a phone near you! They do this to hit their daily call metrics in an effort to meet an implausibly high number of weekly candidate introductions (implausibly high if quality of the submission is of any importance at all).

Is there any wonder candidates dislike recruiters so much?

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At Kane, we go to lengths to avoid this behavior. Don’t get me wrong. We do have metrics. But we use them to diagnose unsuccessful recruiter behavior, not to drive an arbitrary activity quota.

When we reach out, we like to discuss your needs and interests prior to prattling on about the search we are engaged in at that moment. (Why present an opportunity completely outside your interests?) If the opportunity is relevant to your motivations but the salary or location is a challenge, we’ll bring that to your attention immediately. You make the call. If we don’t have anything that works for you, we’ll tell you that too. We think it makes sense for you the candidate, to have as much relevant information prior to an introduction so you can make a more informed decision.

In some cases, as when we have a new client, we simply don’t have the totality of information we’d like to have. We’ll let you know that so we can together make an informed judgement about the situation and potential next steps.

We have four partners here at Kane Partners, all with 25 or more years recruiting experience. Even though we have each made thousands of placements over that span, we know that a career move is a huge thing in your life. It is critical to do everything possible to get it right. We like nothing more than happy client companies, made so by the placement of well-qualified, fully informed candidates who love their new roles!

Don’t wait until the last minute or when you absolutely need one to form a relationship with a professional recruiter. Give us a call sometime to discuss your next career move. We’ll be happy to discuss possibilities and time frames that work for your plans.

Ask for me when you call. I’m Gary Kane and I’m the company president. I’ll be glad to help you!

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