People Drive Successful Companies

Employees Make the Company Great: Despite the increasing number of moving parts in today’s business climate, from globalization, serial financial market tsunamis, and increasing regulatory compliance challenges….one thing hasn’t changed. Great people are required to make great companies.

To stay competitive amidst this complexity, top employers are now venturing outside their standard recruiting patterns to hire the very best candidates.

strong recruits

For example, we are seeing companies with time honored staffing preference to source only local candidates, now going super regional or even national and international with key searches…rationalizing the impact to their recruiting budgets with the question: ‘what is the cost of a mediocre hire?’ Somehow, they find the money knowing their employees make the company.

We are also seeing companies make aggressive offers to the best candidates. Responding to increased demand for top talent, they are moving decisively…sometimes creating hybridized roles to avoid internal equity conflicts.

Finding Roles for Employees that Make the Company Great

Smart companies are finding ways to move more quickly, taking top talent out of the market before competitors can get their multi-step interview process completed. Whether it’s executive search or temp hiring, working with the right partner can allow you to gain a massive advantage over the competition.

In general, the available pool of top talent has been under duress for over a generation. One might suspect challenges such as family pressures in its’ many forms, our degraded education system, poor socialization experiences and substance abuse to name a few, take many of our best youth ‘out’ of contention before they can realize the extent of their potential. People are breaking at an alarming rate. Collective pain ensues, affecting everyone including organizations seeking top talent.

For companies pursuing the best people, it comes down to supply and demand. There is less of the best talent necessary for continued innovation and growth. So what are the best companies doing about the challenge of sourcing top people from a diminished pool of prospects?

For many, that question is being asked and answered, even at this moment. But always remember that it’s the employees that make the company.