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Many companies find themselves in a common predicament – they just cannot seem to fill a position that is critical to their workflow. It is one thing to simply hire a contract employee, or the first person with a “relevant” background. But tracking down that ideal, long-term match makes a tremendous difference.

At Kane Partners, we believe that finding the appropriate match starts with our relationship with you, the client. By developing a strong connection and understanding of your company culture, workflow, and process, we can begin to isolate high quality talent that we believe presents a good match.

But it goes deeper. In an urgent situation, we can tap into our database of candidates and industry contacts to present qualified individuals that can plug a direct hire need. This allows us to spend more time up front to understand the exact skills or background desired, in addition to personality, leadership, or overall attitude of the candidate.

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The Advantage of an Experienced PA Recruiter

When the hunt becomes far too exhausting and resource intensive for your team, our predetermined game plan is the solution. Think about this – if you have an established relationship with a local headhunter, imagine picking up the phone with the confidence that your recruiting partner understands your company before you even explain your current need. If a successful candidate has been placed in the past, our chances of success on the next hire increase greatly. We can preselect individuals based on their level of experience that we feel could be a match. This way when you pick up the phone during a desperate search, you know that the right person could be walking in the door for an interview within a week’s time.

Because we have developed a working relationship with your business, we can prepare the candidate for an interview by setting expectations or offering suggestions in an honest manner. We know who you are, what you like, and what you need. We know the industry and the skills required. The process of screening out poor matches only becomes more and more effective over time.

While a candidate is moving through the interview process, we can be scouting similar talent that keeps the cycle moving until the role is filled. This gives you the client more time to focus on getting your leadership team in place to conduct an interview instead of wasting valuable time searching or making calls to individuals that are not an ideal match.

During a peak business month or season, this can be stressful and tiring to your management team. Not only are you without a permanent placement hire, but you are spending all of your time trying to get the ducks in a row. Allow us to relieve that stress to create a well-oiled machine that works time and time again. We can back it up with years of experience, success, and proof that our process is unmatched in the Philadelphia headhunter industry.

A quick and successful placement also gives you peace of mind for future endeavors. Should you need to fire an employee, should a worker suddenly resign, you know a fail-safe solution is already in place. Just one phone call begins the hiring process again with authority, purpose, and success in mind.

Create a Lasting Partnership with Kane Staffing

Please visit our recruiting process page to learn more about how we go about selecting our prospects. Kane Partners can offer the highest level of experience in the Philadelphia staffing and recruiting business. Let’s form a strong partnership bond that allows you to escape the harrowing process of tracking down an urgent hire. We also offer staffing in New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Delaware – work with our firm to get results.

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