College Grads – The IT Field is Ripe for Top Talent

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Freelance IT Positions and College Grads

There has been an interesting trend of late which shows that for a number of reasons, college grads and talented younger workers are taking up freelance or contract jobs in much greater numbers.

This is likely the result of many factors, one being the ever increasing demand for technical know-how in today’s high-speed, fast-paced, computer-driven world. If you think about it, many students today can actually get their education remotely without showing up to a class. Quality courses can be found online at various institutions and in some cases YouTube functions as an educational tool. This has allowed younger students to maximize their time by learning, working, and learning again without having to travel to a specific location. They can connect and network through the power of social media and collaborate on different projects or share information with their peers quite easily.

The new “office”

college grads

This pays off in a few ways. One, it allows them to build up a portfolio of work before they even hit the workforce or hop on board a major company looking to attract bright but elusive new talent. The hiring process can be nerve-racking or demanding for some younger people, and the extra time and effort into their own projects or one-off jobs can boost their overall confidence.

Balancing Freelancers and Company Culture

Companies looking to hire these talented individuals may struggle to convince them to work full-time in-house. After all, a top-talent software developer or IT graduate is highly in demand and it puts some of the power in their court. Many would prefer to work from home in a quiet environment and avoid the daily commute to work, something that perhaps they are used to doing during their educational growth period. Thus, taking on a contracting job or freelance work here and there is an attractive and familiar option for them. Listen, some people just need a laptop and an internet connection to produce stellar results. This is well and good as long as their personality is a match to the company culture you’re trying to convince them to join.

Speaking of culture, arguably the best and most efficient teams work together in-house, communicate well, and follow a system that has been put in place over a long period of time. So how do you go about attracting that immensely talented IT graduate that prefers to work remotely?

This is where our service shines. With years of experience tracking down some of the best talent in IT and software in and around Philadelphia, we understand how candidates think. We know that the recruiting process is not simply dropping two people in a room and hoping for the best. It takes a screening process with a proven track record to set expectations. The right questions need to be asked – is the candidate being truthful about their desire to work a permanent job, or are they simply chomping at the bits for any open position? Have our own partners provided enough information about the position, the culture, and the management team to make a strong enough connection to a potential candidate?

We know that staffing can be troublesome or inefficient when the proper procedures are not in place. But our goal is to connect you with the right full-time employee. As graduation season approaches, it’s time to think about whether you are putting yourself in the right position to scoop up those rare and talented individuals that become a permanent hire. Are you casting your line in the right direction? Is the net wide enough to ensure that you are maximizing your reach?

When it comes to recruiting the area’s leading college graduates in 2015, Kane Partners is more than prepared. Contact us to help improve your team right away with emerging talent from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and all over the country.

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