Creating the Right Culture for your Organization

If you are a fan of Philadelphia sports, you know that many of the pundits discuss Chip Kelly and the Eagles at great length. Much of the time they are not actually discussing the X’s and O’s, but rather the head coach’s insistence on “culture” as a large part of his philosophy and player recruiting.

Any successful company will surely tell you that the atmosphere and culture in the workplace functions in the exact same manner as a professional sports team. It requires strong leadership, good partnerships, great talent, and a refined process.  It might have started with one bold entrepreneur, but eventually one person cannot take on all of the responsibilities. That individual will seek out like-minded individuals to fill gaps in the workflow in order to scale and take on even more work. Should the company take off early in its inception, the need for top-notch talent will be even

The problems begin when the recruitment involves nothing more than filling empty desk seats, and encouraging new workers to work hard for you without any real understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish. On the flip side, the ideal situation occurs when top talent joins the team with a thorough understanding of how their attitude, creativity, or unique skill set will benefit the overall business model.

So what can we learn from one stubborn and “gotta have it his way” head football coach? Here are 5 takeaways on building culture and recruiting the right players, Philadelphia style:

Culture Breeds Long-Term Success

I know it’s painful for Eagles fans, but I think everyone can agree that the most successful team over the last decade is the New England Patriots. And what is the one thing that team has? A consistent culture, leader, and philosophy for success. Chip Kelly largely inherited Andy Reid’s players and would rather start anew with talent that he feels will most benefit his strategy, long-term. Dismissing DeSean Jackson and even more recently LeSean McCoy are signs that he wants to have it his way, as even one bad-apple can scrape away the hard work put into fostering culture.

Bold Leaders Need the Right Talent

If you are looking to hire a software developer, don’t you want that guy or girl that simply “gets” your mission? Wouldn’t you rather have someone that simply understands your vision, and will stop at nothing to help you achieve it? Sure, the paycheck will factor in but when it comes to recruitment, understanding culture and attitude will go a long, long way.

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You Can’t do all the Recruiting Yourself

Chip Kelly recently became the General Manager of the Eagles, allowing him to have more control over the personnel decisions. But he still has an entire team of scouts out there collecting data, meeting with players, and learning the strengths and weaknesses of their game. If he tried to do all of this on his own, he would have zero time for coaching and building his culture! This is the role we are happy to fill for your business – Kane Partners has years of experience screening the best talent.

Build the Culture, and your Players will Recruit Desirable Talent

If you can establish a culture that everyone wants to be a part of, then your current talent will go out and help with the recruiting process. In the most recent acquisition of DeMarco Murray, it is thought that new QB Sam Bradford had a hand in recruiting him. The bottom line is that somewhere down the line, the great talent you were able to reel in might pay off double when they happen to call in a buddy to provide some much-needed support.

Sometimes you will “miss” in the Draft

When you are out there trying to attract talent, there are times when you will flat out miss the mark and hire the wrong person. In this situation, the best thing to do is just keep your cool and move on. If you have a strong recruiting partner on your side, then you simply hop into the war room to map out your next move.

No one knows how this year’s football season will shake out, but some coaches undeniably leave an impact on the sport as a whole. Chip Kelly may be known just as much for his fast and furious play calling as he his for his insistence on the importance of culture.

If you find yourself having a terrible time “drafting” the right talent, maybe it’s time to leave it up to the scouts. Kane Partners has an entire database of top talent waiting to join the right team. Let’s create a professional partnership that can allow us to use our resources to bring your business the success it deserves. We are Philadelphia’s best staffing agency – let us handle your hiring needs.

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