If you’re in need of experienced and qualified mechanical engineers for your company, it can be difficult to find talent without an understanding of the hiring landscape. While it may take your team months to hire candidates, recruiters take approximately 42 days to fill a position, according to Capterra. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to hire the best staffing agency near you to find top-tier engineers. Here are a few important qualifications that a recruiter staffing agency will look for during the hiring process.

Bachelor’s Degree

Mechanical engineering headhunters will seek candidates with Bachelor’s degrees in engineering, more specifically in mechanical engineering, to fill your company’s positions. An earned Bachelor’s degree demonstrates that a candidate has attended classes, completed the necessary coursework and testing, and successfully completed a competitive program at an accredited university.

Master’s Degree

If your company needs a highly experienced engineer, perhaps one to lead a team of engineers, then you may need a hire with a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering. The best staffing agency will seek candidates who have completed a Master’s program at an accredited university. If you don’t think you necessarily need a candidate with a Master’s degree, you may discuss seeking candidates with an equitable level of experience and knowledge of the job with your staffing agency service.


When an engineering candidate completes their Bachelor’s degree and works under a Professional Engineer (PE) for four years, they then sign up to take two tests that provide licensure in the state they reside in. According to the National Society of Professional Engineers, acquiring an engineering license demonstrates one’s commitment to the engineering practice and its highest standards. Becoming a PE takes dedication, so the best staffing agency will seek a candidate with this important licensure.

Program Experience

Engineering companies use various software to complete their work. A mechanical engineering headhunter will gain an understanding of the software your company uses and find candidates with experience in it. If they don’t, a headhunter will find other means of determining their capability of efficiently learning new software.

The best staffing agency will work hard to find experienced and qualified candidates for your engineering company. To learn more about professionally staffing your business, contact Kane Partners today!