According to the National Association of Manufacturers, 77% of manufacturers say they will have ongoing difficulties in attracting as well as retaining workers in 2021 and into the future. If you operate a mechanical engineering company, then you may be facing a similar dilemma. Here are a few ways that professional mechanical engineering headhunters can find young talent for your company.


LinkedIn reports that over 950 million members in more than 200 countries and territories across the world use the ever-popular platform. Therefore, a recruiting and staffing agency will utilize LinkedIn to connect with young mechanical engineers who have either recently started their careers or are looking for their first position after getting their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Recruiters meet with such candidates to get an idea of their backgrounds as well as their engineering experience.

College Campuses

Colleges and universities with engineering programs often work hard to match their students with excellent companies that will ensure young candidates become successful. If you run a mechanical engineering firm, then you need workers who are ready and willing to work hard and start their careers off at the right place. When your company invests in professional mechanical engineering recruiting services, you won’t be disappointed with the young hires found at college campuses.

Career Fairs

The engineering industry is vast, which means there are career fairs across the country that recruiters can attend to find new candidates for your firm. Career fairs are often held in city conference centers, on university campuses, at nonprofit organizations, at legal firms, and more. A top recruiter will seek out such opportunities to find candidates for your mechanical engineering firm who are ready to start a new job with your team.

Networking Events

Many professional industries utilize networking events to meet individuals who work in the market in a specific area or region. For example, an engineering firm may host a networking event so retired, current, and potential engineers can mingle, get to know one another, and talk about their experiences within different firms. When you hire one of the top staffing agencies for mechanical engineering recruiting purposes, they will seek out such events to learn about what candidates may be looking for in their future careers.

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