Mechanical engineering is no easy field. Because of this, you don’t want to hire just anyone with a mechanical engineering degree. Your team needs to hire candidates with ample experience in the field and an excellent track record that will fit in with your company culture and help your team grow. Luckily, mechanical engineering headhunters can help you find the best mechanical engineers for your position. Here’s how we can do that.

We Use Tests to Access Candidates Abilities

Many companies in various industries use tests and assessments in the hiring process. These tests help us to gauge how well potential candidates are able to apply mechanical principles and knowledge to solve specific problems. If you’re unsure of what kind of assessment would be appropriate for your position, don’t worry. Our mechanically engineering headhunters have various assessments we can explain to you to find the best test for candidates for your job opening.

We Sell Your Company Culture

Candidates nowadays are particularly interested in the culture of companies they are considering working for. Your culture, which refers to your company’s attitudes, behaviors, and how things get done in your company, can actually be a deciding factor for many candidates. To get the best candidates for your position, share the details of your company culture with your mechanical engineering headhunters so they can paint the picture and sell it to potential candidates.

We Have Connections and Relationships with Candidates

One of the best ways mechanical engineering headhunters are able to find you the best candidates for your position is with connections and relationships with candidates. This is because more than 73% of job seekers today are only passively looking for a job, according to Small Biz Genius, meaning traditional methods of recruiting such as posting on job boards are not as effective. With the relationships mechanical engineering headhunters have, they can find amazing quality candidates that never would have seen a job posting online.

As you can see, there are many ways that mechanical engineering headhunters can find you the best mechanical engineers. Are you in need of a staffing agency to help fill your open mechanical engineering position? Contact us today at Kane Partners to get the best candidates possible.