Finding the right engineering talent can be difficult and that’s what makes the use of the best staffing agency so important. A quality candidate is essential in order to grow your business. Let’s review some key signs that you may have found a quality candidate.

1. Educational Background

The first thing to be on the lookout for is a strong foundation in core engineering principles, typically learned at a university. A degree from a reputable institution with coursework related to your needed field shows they have not only learned the ins and outs of the field but also dedicated their time to the discipline. A staffing agency service can help you find a candidate with the required schooling.

2. Past Work Experience

With recruiters taking 42 days, on average, to fill a new position, according to Capterra, you may feel like you need help quicker than that. If so, remember to check candidates for relevant past work experience. You will want your candidates to have work experience that’s similar to your position. Also, keep in mind levels of responsibility. You should check the candidate’s work history to determine if they can handle the amount of responsibility in your role.

3. Excellent Communication

Engineering recruiters should look for candidates with exceptional communication skills. Engineering projects often require collaboration between multiple teams, so it’s essential your candidate has the ability to effectively communicate complex engineering concepts between teams. A staffing agency service can help you find a candidate with these communication talents.

4. Team Player

Engineering, like most other fields, requires a true team player. The biggest achievements in the field are often accomplished by a highly collaborative team. The right candidate will have proven skills working within a team, respect varying viewpoints, and work to build a positive environment within their organization.

These are just a few signs that hint towards a candidate’s overall quality. Finding the person who meets these qualities and more is where a staffing agency comes in. At Kane Partners, we can assist you with all of your recruiting and staffing needs. We work diligently to connect qualified candidates with you, helping to take some of the stress off of your shoulders. Reach out today to learn more about our recruiting services.