Why Job Seekers Should Work with an Experienced Recruiter

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Kane Partners: The Right Recruiters for your Job Search

What can a recruiting firm really do for me? Can’t I just do it all myself? You absolutely can, but working with a recruiting firm gives you a much better chance of getting a job you are right for and will enjoy. By working with a recruiter, you gain an ally, someone in your corner, who fights to show companies that you are the right hire.

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You’re thinking, “this all sounds great but how much will it cost me?” Good news it won’t cost you a dime. You gain all of the benefits of working with a great recruiting company with no downside. Now you will be represented by someone with a personal rapport with a company, instead of just submitting your resume blindly. You will also have access to job opportunities that aren’t public knowledge and will be working with a recruiter that knows you and wants you to succeed.

Kane Partners Highlights your Skills and Experience

Many times job descriptions do not provide enough information to the candidate for them to know exactly what they are applying for and therefore, they can’t craft their resume to highlight the skills used in the job they are applying for. Along with job descriptions, resumes sometimes do not reflect the depth of some abilities. A recruiting firm can ensure that the hiring company knows how special you are as a candidate.

Not surprisingly, some firms are better than others. So, when choosing which firm or firms you want to work with be careful in choosing the right ones that can truly help you. Find a knowledgeable recruiter who works WITH you. If you see a position posted on a job board or corporate site find out if your recruiter has a relationship with your potential employer. A well-trained recruiter will help your application rise to the top. You should share your motivations and priorities for your career with your recruiter so they are more equipped to help you get your ideal position.

If you have applied to a recruiting firm and haven’t heard back don’t fret. Many times the firm is looking for something specific or the position was already filled. As you build a relationship with your recruiter the more open the dialogue will become. Our best advice is to just call in and ask!

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