Springing Forward – Hiring Continues at Brisk Pace

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Job Opportunities Continue to Rise

If you follow the US economy closely, you know that there hasn’t been much to write home about – slow sales at retailers, weak growth on the manufacturing front, and a general decline in business investment over the past six months have been the standard. However, there is one trend that stands out among the rest – companies continue to hire at the fastest rate in the last 15 years.

This upswing in hiring could be the result of many companies preparing for economic acceleration in the spring. The first few months of the year were likely held back by heavy snowfall, a climbing dollar, and a drop in oil prices that caused many companies in the U.S. Energy sector to head back to the drawing board.

However, the addition of jobs has remained healthy. The unemployment rate has maintained a seven year low of around 5.5% with approximately 250,000 jobs added, which means labor markets continue to improve. Fewer jobless claims seem to indicate that companies are not laying off workers in droves.

Finding the Top IT Talent

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But even with this positive outlook on the job front, there is currently a huge shortage of top talent in the IT space. If your company has been struggling to hire that ideal candidate that will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to a frenetic and fast paced tech market, you need the right partner by your side to ensure that the process goes smoothly and does not drag on for months.

At Kane Partners, we follow the job market very closely and can help guide you during a time when top talent seems to be all but missing in certain niches. IT jobs in particular require experienced and qualified talent, a difficult vacancy to fill. So how do you attract someone who may be considering multiple career options?

Our solution is comprehensive – we take the time to understand your company culture. We thoroughly screen our talent, ensuring that they are prepared to take the next step to an interview and beyond. It helps everyone when strategic partnerships come together to share information on both the job role and the candidate background. Knowing that top IT talent is missing from the field of play, we proactively search far and wide in order to establish a relationship with our candidates, building trust. As we introduce our career opportunities, we cover all bases as outlined in our staffing and recruiting process

If you find that your company is struggling to recruit or hold onto quality IT talent, then it’s time to add Kane Partners to your corner. As the leading Philadelphia Staffing Agency for IT professionals, we proudly welcome the opportunity to help your company grow.

Do you consider yourself to be top-notch talent, swimming around in an endless sea of Information Technology job offers and bad-match interviews that are putting your career on hold? Hey, it’s OK to take pride in your skills. If you’re not happy, your company won’t be happy with you, and you’ll be back out trying to find your niche yet again. Let us open the right doors, get the right conversations started, landing your next big opportunity. Check out our list of definitive interview tips if you need to brush up on your charismatic presence! It might be time to whip out those crazy colored socks you’ve been dying to show off.

If your company needs to catch up with the hiring frenzy, partner up with us and we’ll help you reel in the superior talent you’ll be smiling about for months to come.

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