To be the best staffing agency, hiring managers must remain competitive to seek the best candidates for open positions. The question is, what do hiring managers need to do to be competitive?

Here are some tips to guide hiring managers at staffing agencies.

Be Strategic With Time

When it comes to hiring, timing is everything. The best staffing agency will hire when competition is low. This is when hiring managers will find top candidates who won’t be swayed by other businesses’ open positions.

Start an Employee Referral Program

One of the best ways to obtain new hires is to start an employee referral program. Workers in specific industries such as information technology, manufacturing, and engineering will be aware of other people in the field looking for jobs. Hiring managers will enjoy this simple solution to source quality candidates because it saves time in recruiting efforts. In a competitive market, employee referrals can be a lifesaver.

Ease the Application Process

Another way hiring managers can be competitive is by easing the application process. Filling out pages and pages of information can be tedious and deter potential candidates. Simplify the process by keeping the application short and the process of finding it even easier. Ensure ways to access the application are navigable and try to keep the interview process speedy.

Instead of waiting weeks to move to the next step of the hiring process, solidify it so a top candidate can begin work within weeks of applying. When a hiring manager waits too long to make a decision, another business can reel in potential hires. In fact, 47% of candidates for new jobs declined offers because they accepted jobs elsewhere. To be the best staffing agency, hiring managers must make educated decisions swiftly.

Don’t Stop Recruiting

Recruiting is a year-round effort. Even if there aren’t any current openings, keeping a group of potential hires in your back pocket will pay off. Utilize social media and other professional business platforms to keep a talent community interested in your staffing agency and the positions it hires for.

Hiring managers must be competitive year-round to maintain the title of best staffing agency. With these tips, information technology headhunters and manufacturing recruiters will have a leg up when it comes to hiring top candidates to fill vacant positions in these industries. Contact Kane Partners LLC to learn more about staffing solutions today.