Engineering jobs are one of the most rewarding career choices you can make in today’s times. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 140,000 new positions will be added across industries within the next 5 years, with an average yearly salary of over $91,000. 

The past few years has seen strong growth for engineers in the manufacturing, mining, construction, software, and computer hardware industry. Historically speaking, petroleum and civil engineers have always been in high-demand and that’s not going to change any time soon.

But with the exciting advancements in the automation and information technology industries, IT is emerging as the fastest growing field in the world. 

And let’s not forget about the aerospace industry which – thank you, Mr. Musk – is breaking old paradigms in order to ensure the fastest and safest space travel. Statistics show that over 67,000 new jobs were created for aerospace engineers in 2018 alone, and this number is estimated to grow more than 4% for the next 10 years.

Engineering Jobs  

According to industry experts, the future is bright for the engineers in our country. 

Software engineering has been continuously growing over the last few years and it’s showing no signs of stopping any time soon. ‘Data’ is the big word these days, and data scientists are individuals who gather and analyze big dumps of structured and unstructured data. Then this data is used by companies to meet a variety of goals, like finding out which products are selling best.  

Machine learning has also emerged as one of the most in-demand career paths in the past decade. The average salary for a starting-level machine learning engineer in the US is $89,000 a year. This industry is under-supplied right now so if coding and mathematics interest you, you can easily get employment as a machine learning engineer in this country.

The robotics and automation industry is also undergoing a huge shift. With advances in energy storage and computing, existing robotic systems are beginning to operate at a level that boggles the mind. For example, did you know that mind-reading robots are already being developed using AI? 

A robotics engineer is responsible for designing, developing, testing, and implementing every part of the robotic systems. And the best part – you don’t have to get a robotics engineering degree to do this. Most engineers in the robotic industry are either electronic, mechanical, or mechatronic engineers. The average salary of a robotics engineer is $85,000 a year. 

Hottest Engineering Jobs on the Horizon

According to the dean of Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering, Steve McLaughlin, robotics, avionics, microelectronics, cybersecurity, radar, and other related jobs are the hottest fields right now. He says he has never seen a more lucrative era for engineers than today and only good things are on the horizon for engineers – certainly in a stellar economy because of low taxes and  a fair regulatory environment. 

Speaking of cybersecurity, as our reliance on online data has soared, so has the number of data breaches and cyber threats. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are known for hiring computer science engineers for hundreds of thousands of dollars. With a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you can become a cybersecurity engineer and earn as much as $138,962 a year.

Companies in all the aforementioned industries in the US are actively looking for engineers. This has created excellent career opportunities for candidates, with the average compensation exceeding $100,000 a year for all engineers.