the right questions for recruitersCommunication is Key in Recruiting

Successful Recruiters understand the importance of why a potential placement is a good match between the client and the candidate. If you want to build relationships, you want to present candidates who are excited about the opportunity and are an exact fit for what your client is looking for.

Understanding that Knowledge is Power and the importance of WHY will prove that you do not have a reputation of fitting square pegs into round holes. You need to educate your candidate on the process that you get paid regardless if this candidate accepts the position or another one takes the position. What is most important to you is making sure the candidate is a “right fit” for your client and your client is a “right fit” for your candidate.

To determine the reasons why your candidate is the “right fit” you need to qualify your candidate by asking these five questions. (Key Motivators in Lefkowitz speak)

1. When have you been the happiest in your career?
2. Has there been a time when you woke up and were really excited about going to work?
3. What made you feel that way?
4. Is there anything about your current position you are unhappy about?
5. What are the elements that would make up the ideal job for you?

Weigh the pros and cons of whether this candidate is a potential fit for the position. It is important that a candidate shares with you their compensation (last year’s W2) before moving forward. Let them know that their W2 will be verified. If compensation is in alignment with the position and the candidate is open-minded and qualified under the terms of a well-qualified requisition/job order, then you have a match!

Here’s our candidate video explaining how we recruit and interview potential employees:

Ask the Right Questions

Always ask your qualified candidates the following questions before moving to the next step:

1. What peaked your interest to return my call?
2. What aspects of the position I described seemed most exciting? Why?
3. What aspects of the position I described seemed least exciting? Why?
4. What information would you like to learn more about on the interview?
5. What are the key elements that interested you to interview for the position?

THE ABOVE QUESTIONS WILL MAKE UP YOUR Knowledge is Power DOCUMENT. Listen for positives as well as negatives. Both are equally important in determining why the candidate is best suited for the opportunity.

It is important to continually review the reasons why with your candidate and your client.

Review the reasons why after each interview to determine if these reasons why still hold true for both the client and the candidate. Make sure you edit your reasons why as you move along in the process.

This document will mentally prepare both parties to get the deal completed.

In Summary:
1. Before a final interview the ” Knowledge is Power” document should be typed and sent to both parties and reviewed with them.

2. Before placing a candidate, ask yourself “If this were me would I take the job?” Why or Why not?

Below is a sample of a Knowledge is Power document:

Reasons Why ABC Company is the right fit for John Doe
1. Upward mobility.
2. Limited travel. Better work/life balance.
3. Office in Bala Cynwyd but also can work from home.
4. Benefits – 401K match is higher. Company matches dollar for dollar.
5. Less cost on medical for family coverage.
6. Company culture is better.
7. Position reports to the President whose management style is in alignment with the candidate.
8. Company has a strong marketing department to support the product.
9. The President of the company has the same focus and sales beliefs as the candidate.