Chip Kelly & Recruiting – Part 2

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Developing Strong Chemistry within your Organization

Back in the spring we discussed Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s recruiting style and philosophy. He has been touted as a “brilliant” football mind that is destined to innovate and push the NFL in a new direction. His strong beliefs on player personnel and recruiting are well known and in some cases widely criticized. This year has been particularly fascinating because his offseason moves have had people scratching their heads and losing faith in his “fantasy football” approach to snatching up the players that he wants.

Now that we are eight weeks into the 2015 Eagles season, we thought it would be interesting to look back at the player acquisitions and wacky moves made by Mr. Kelly, breaking it down from a recruiting perspective to weigh the pros and cons of his strategy.

It’s His Way or the Highway

There is something to be said about someone who knows what they want. Chip Kelly has made it known that he prefers players that are ideal for his system but more importantly hand-selected by the coach himself. The Eagles gave Kelly the keys to make all personnel decisions and he has sure exercised this right.

Pros – If he has a vision, it could result in tremendous success down the line. It lets him truly take on the role of team leader to push the team toward a Super Bowl win. It also allows him to prove his skill as an evaluator of talent. His success could be even sweeter knowing that his concoction was the secret to success.

Cons – High risk. One person can have tunnel vision, unable to really see the potential problems of making too many “bold” moves without consulting the leadership team. When you bring in new players, it means others have to go. Kelly had no problem shipping off LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, and Jeremy Maclin. He let a sturdy offensive line slip away. This could cause the current team to lose faith in their coach and question his sanity.

Recruiting Spin – Trying to do too much can ultimately land you in a super-high pressure situation that can either bring massive success or total failure. Often times it might be better to vet the opinions of more than one expert before you make a rash decision. In the staffing world, we help you evaluate talent on many levels to help determine a match. Trying to hand-select every member of your company can lead to wasted time and resources while deteriorating the faith of your current team.

Chemistry – The Soul of the Team

Easily one of the most elusive aspects to any team, chemistry is generally the one defining feature that either breeds great success or massive failure. From rock bands to sports teams to software developers, having the right chemistry is highly desirable. Sure, it will take some experimenting to get to that point, and likely a little luck, but when one person is in control of the decision-making the level of risk tends to be higher. Has Chip demolished the chemistry of the “Birds?” Only time will tell, and if he failed it could set the team back for years.

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Pros – Can one person predict whether or not the chemistry will be there? It’s possible. You might get a rare savant who seems to have a knack for understanding people. But with so many variables out there, who is keeping track? When one extremely knowledgeable person is in control, the sky is the limit, but it is very unlikely.

Cons – It is very rare that one person is a know-it-all. In almost any situation, it is wise to consult a number of subject matter experts that can provide critical information which could sway the decision-making process. Also, when one person determines who leaves and who stays, you are at far greater risk for all out mutiny!

Recruiting Spin – Trying to put together a talented team of account managers, developers, admins, project managers, or vice presidents can be an extremely daunting task. Experience and skill alone will not guarantee chemistry. Personality, living circumstances, egos, all affect the chemistry of any particular team. At Kane Partners, we specialize in knowing as much as we can about the various industries that we help staff. We can give you a mountain of information to consider when you are making your personnel decisions. Our interview process is streamlined and efficient, which can ensure that you get the right person sooner rather than later.

The Eagles got off to a rocky start to the 2015 season. The immediate indication was that Chip Kelly totally missed on his recruiting moves, expecting too much while risking the chemistry of the team for the foreseeable future. Will he ever relent and listen to his peers? Will the Eagles turn into a fantasy football “spectacle” that finally brings this city a championship?

It’s too early to know, but it all began with some bold and questionable recruiting moves.

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