Tech-Knowledge is an Ever-Evolving Skill

It’s important to understand the most sought after IT skills by employers, as the world sits at the cusp of technological transformation. Industry 4.0 will be mostly leveraged by technology. If your new year’s resolution is to acquire a tech skill or branch out into a tech-led career, here are the five most promising choices.

Machine Learning

As a critical enabler of artificial intelligence, machine learning or ML is at the top of the tech skills pyramid and sought after IT skills. It nurtures computer systems to learn on their own and acquire human-like cognitive capabilities in a self-taught ecosystem.

The ML algorithms enable machines to learn by improving on previous experiences, using data as their tutor. ML does not require programs or human interfaces to facilitate their artificial intellectual development.

Approximate pay for an ML engineer is currently pegged at $135,000, but this will rise substantially, considering the demand-supply gap.

Mobile Development

Smartphones have become the town squares of the global networked community. In 2018, there were 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world. The number is estimated to rise to 2.87 billion by 2020 and the better tax conditions in America for consumers has certainly helped this trend.

With such phenomenal growth of the smartphone industry, can mobile applications be left behind? They are like miniature e-commerce portals that help to educate, showcase, promote and sell a vast array of products and services via the mobile platform. Advanced mobile applications are increasingly using sophisticated tolls such as AR and VR.

The mobile app economy will be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021. Entry level mobile app developers’ salaries at present in the US are around $75,000 a year.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is an emerging stream of visual design and communication. As an ‘alternate’ career option within the tech domain, it is witnessing significant uptick.

A data visualizer transforms dry, static data into vibrant, engaging visual stories by using a wide range of media at their disposal. Be it images, graphics, moving art, video, infographics, or even cartoons, each element enhances the comprehension of data analytics for the audiences.

With over $101,000 as median salary, data visualization could be a desirable career choice for those with a creative bent of mind.

Data Engineering

Data engineering is the enabler of data science. Data engineers design and build the IT structures on which data scientists work. These assets include hardware and software.

This career is booming in the US, partly due to the government’s policy shift regarding visa rules for overseas workers.

Data engineering is a dream career choice. Just one example – Apache Kafka, a data engineering software program, has witnessed over 40% rise in demand, with Twitter and Airbnb using it extensively.

The average salary of a data engineer is currently in the range of $90,000.

Cyber Security

As businesses pivot on technology, the security of their IT infrastructures is becoming a vital concern. Safeguarding data within fortress-like environments is a niche expertise, and its demand is rising in direct proportion with the incidents of data breaching creating a longing need in employers in finding candidates with the sought after IT skills they require.

Cyber security has gained utmost importance after the EU passed the stringent General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. According to Forbes, six out of 10 leading IT certifications are security-based.

Cyber security experts can earn anywhere between $100,000 and $200,000, depending on their skills and experience.