Mechanical Engineering and the Most Coveted Jobs Available

Mechanical engineering is one of the most challenging as well as the most rewarding engineering streams.

Mechanical engineers are the machine-makers of the world. They are not only in high demand but also highly paid professionals. Their current average salary in the US is $77,500.

We provide here a brief overview of the three most coveted jobs in mechanical engineering, including, a look at their key job role.

A Mechanical Engineer’s Duties and Responsibilities

Mechanical engineers typically undertake end-to-end mechanization and automation agendas of industries.

They are responsible for conceiving, researching, designing, planning, executing, commissioning, and comprehensive after-care of all types of mechanical products.

These include industrial machinery, devices, tools, equipment, gadgets, and all other products that we use directly or indirectly. Mechanical engineers are also responsible for integrating mechanization with the other processes and systems of an industry.

The three most sought-after mechanical engineering positions are described below.

Mechanical Design Engineer

This professional, depending on their seniority, are in charge of comprehensive pre-production processes of machine manufacturing.

They research, prepare feasibility reports, conceive, plan, design, and manage the blueprinting stages. Often, they also participate in machine manufacturing and aftercare.

Since design engineers have to actively involve other functions in their day-to-day work, they also double up as process engineers, project managers, and even QA managers.

Mechanical design engineers can earn up to $93,000 in the current job market.

Senior Roles

As a senior functionary, this role invites increased responsibilities that go beyond the boundaries of the typical job role. In return, senior roles enjoy close proximity and access to the company management.

At the top of the hierarchy, this position is a blend of engineering, reporting, governance, client-industry relations, recruitment, and even business development.

An engineer in this role is a go-to person both for the related staff and the management for multiple requirements. Typically, with over 15 years of experience, they enjoy respect and authority in the organization. Often times, such valuable senior personnel are also awarded directorship.

Salaries can go up to $135,000.

Mechanical Process Engineer

This is again a senior level manpower with ten or more years of experience behind them. However, the difference is that this position can be occupied by either a mechanical or a chemical engineer.

They are handed the responsibilities of managing pre and post-design stages of machinery manufacturing.

In addition, they also manage budgeting, finance outlay, project management, bid evaluation and negotiations, vendor prospecting and selection, relevant technologies including IT, new technologies such as AI, Cloud, and Blockchain, and even business intelligence and investigative management.

Senior mechanical process engineers are arguably at the top of this branch’s pay ladder. Competent personnel in this position fetch salaries in the range of $130,000 to $150,000. This excludes the fringe benefits.

A Coveted Position

A career in this sector is both challenging and fulfilling. The rewards of course commensurate with the demand and critical necessity of the specializations mentioned above. In any capacity, you should be pretty content, because this career is rewarding in its own right and the difference they are able to make in society.