As a recent college graduate who has a mechanical engineering degree, life can feel exciting. You’ve finished your collegiate career and now it’s time to find a job. You may also feel a bit of apprehension and angst. As you move into the workforce and put that college degree to good use, you may have decided to work with a mechanical engineering headhunter to find adequate employment. Let’s delve into some ways to get the most from your headhunter and receive that stellar job offer.

Make Sure the Resume is Solid

Now that you’ve graduated college with your mechanical engineering degree, it’s time to look for work. A headhunter is a great person who can connect you with resources and people that can help. Therefore, you want to ensure that your resume is current, detailed, and specific.

You want to begin your resume with a compelling objective. Then, make sure that your resume includes any relevant work experience. Did you intern at an aerospace, biomedical, or manufacturing company? Make sure that you have your experience listed on the resume.

When working with a mechanical engineering headhunter, you want to ensure that you have a resume that speaks to who you are. Think of your resume as a complete snapshot of who you are that your staffing agency and headhunter will use to match you with the best employment opportunity.

Gather the Correct Clothing for Interviews

When you want success, you have to dress the part. Knowing this, be sure that you have a wardrobe that reflects the success that you can achieve. From your meetings with mechanical engineers to the interviews conducted by managers and company presidents, you want to look the part with a professional-looking wardrobe. Your professional clothing should consist of at least a suit, a dark-colored blazer, dark pants or a skirt, and close-toed shoes that are shined or polished.

Your mechanical engineering headhunter will work hard to have your interview with quality companies. You certainly want your wardrobe to match your talent so, be sure that your clothing is clean, crisp, and dynamic—just as you are.

Practice Those Interviewing Skills

While 80% of millennial new hires question their ability to fit into a corporate culture after being hired, you want to take the time to keep those interviewing skills sharp and fresh. Oftentimes, an interviewing manager or president will ask you to discuss your background so, have a few points that you’d like to make about such. Then, be ready for conversations about your weaknesses, goals, strengths, and why the company should hire you instead of someone else.

Your mechanical engineering headhunter will be a great individual that you can answer many of these questions with, giving companies information about your background. Therefore, you should take the time to practice those answers and hear how you sound. You may even do a mock interview with a parent, friend, or even a sibling.

Be Professional

One of the biggest aspects of working with a mechanical engineering headhunter is to make sure that you are professional and polished from beginning to end. If your first appointment is at 2:00 PM, be sure that you arrive at least five to ten minutes earlier, to show that you are serious about seeking employment. You also want to make eye contact with your recruiter and answer all questions honestly and completely.

Connect with your Philadelphia Headhunter Team

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