Will Your Sneakers Set You Apart?

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Setting yourself Apart from the Competition

Have you attended a track and field meet? Sat in the stands looking out on a sea of athletes competing for a small number of medals in each event? Some events are individual, others are team oriented. Every athlete arrives at the meet with qualifications, but only a select few have what it takes to actually win the race.

Choosing candidates to represent your technical staffing firm is like sitting in the stands at that track meet, waiting to see who will cut the red tape first, which athletes possess the skills to distinguish themselves from the competition.


We have all reviewed run-on resumes containing line after line of buzzwords and technical product names with which the candidate purports to have hands-on experience and technical expertise – much like those track and field athletes with their brand-name sneakers, shorts and shirts. Resumes are now more likely to appeal to the appetite of search engines and the algorithms employed by Monster, LinkedIn, and Dice. This resume style may not tell your whole story and could leave much to be assumed or simply passed over.

Filtering through the Resume Jargon

I look at the results produced by these databases as just a list of sneakers and brands that sit on the side of the track waiting to be used by a talented athlete. Once your shoes or preferred skill set is chosen, shine by articulating the accomplishments you achieved by using your talents and  skills, not just the brand names and flash.

A competent technical recruiter or hiring manager will look beyond what shoes you were wearing and the event in which you participate, considering many other candidates with similar skills participated in the race.  To separate yourself and be the one who proudly passes the finish line first, in this case the one selected to advance to an in-person interview, you must highlight the results of your performance.

How you finished the race is an important component to highlight in your resume.

What were your accomplishments? What was achieved that added value to your organization? How did your achievement align to the goals set for yourself or your organization? What distinguishes you from candidates with similar skills and experience?

What sets you apart?

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