AI Advancements Bring Changes to Recruiting

Recruiters often have to spend a large part of their time reading and evaluating every single resume that comes across their desks. And if a job position receives thousands of applications, going over all the CVs can take weeks – if not months.

According to a survey, nearly 52% of HR professionals said that the most challenging part of their job is to identify the right candidates from a large pool of applicants. That’s where artificial intelligence can help.

Adopting artificial intelligence as a recruitment tool can help the managers with the sourcing, pre-selection and on-boarding steps of the process. In this article, we are going to discuss how the use of AI is going to impact the hiring process.

Positive Changes that AI is Bringing to the Recruitment Process

Since the arrival of AI, hiring managers have managed to leverage this technology to make their jobs faster, easier, and better. As a result, AI has become a dominant theme in the process of recruitment.

Here are some of the many benefits of using AI to streamline the recruitment process:

Saving Time and Effort

Recruitment managers and HR professionals are a busy breed. AI allows them to automate the high-volume and time-consuming tasks, for example, an AI chatbot can eliminate the need to manually screen the resumes.

In addition, a majority of recruiters are now using AI to:

  • Schedule interviews
  • Answer easy (run-of-the-mill) questions posed by the candidates
  • Screen the applicants

These steps are crucial but they can also be easily automated.

More Unbiased Decision-Making

In order to find the perfect candidate, recruiters need to make sure their judgment is not clouded by bias. AI can help with that too.

There are certain AI recruitment tools that help increase the objectivity by, for example, writing a bias-free job advert.

There are several AI-powered pre-selection tools that calculate a candidate’s chances to succeed in a role by using predictive analytics. This helps recruiters make data-driven hiring decisions instead of simply going by their “gut feeling.”

Identifying the Right Candidates

AI can also analyze the online presence – including social media profiles – of potential candidates to make predictions.

For example, it can tell the recruiters how likely someone is to accept a job position and what role they might be interested in.

Also, AI-driven software can evaluate the candidates’ profiles who have already joined the company. This will help the hiring managers in identifying candidates with similar technical and soft skills, and also, which candidates might be interested in certain roles.

Recruiters can Focus more on Client Engagement  

AI is set to change the face of many industries, including recruitment. There are already some incredible AI applications out there, with more in the making.

These applications are allowing recruiters to free up their time from mundane tasks such as resume screening, and invest that time into relationship building with clients.

Recruiters should learn more about the numerous AI-powered hiring tools that have already hit the market. Adopting these tools will not only boost their efficiency and productivity, but also create opportunities to foster stronger relationships and deeper engagement with clients.