Endless Job Boards or a Dedicated Recruiting Firm?

Job boards are everywhere.

There are several hundred of them in a dozen different verticals.  (In fact there are so many that when we tried to find out the total for this blog we were unable to find a complete list or number published anywhere!) You’ve probably heard of the largest job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, DICE, and an up and coming star ZipRecruiter.  Although these dominate the market smaller specialized ones also exist for almost every industry imaginable.

It’s overwhelming. It can be costly.  Especially if you choose multiple boards to post jobs.  Then if you want access to the databases be ready to pay a pretty penny.  When candidates start their job search, some will upload a resume to a resume database on a job board however many will not.

Then what?

Many of the job boards are now offering social recruiting tools to help identify potential hires that are passively seeking opportunities with or without resumes online.  As a recruiter, sourcer, hiring manager, OR human resources professional your job is not getting easier to uncover talent.  While job boards offer candidates great visibility on their resume, it isn’t always for the positions they would want.  The database power of a Job Board is enormous, the information you can access is unlimited, but how do you sift through it?

Many hiring managers and HR professionals juggle multiple responsibilities with recruiting being only a small portion.  The added layer of social recruiting or even the process of searching multiple databases is a challenge due to time.  You need a candidate with the right background, someone that will fit your company culture, align with your work ethics, expectations, and personalities.  In most cases you need them to start yesterday!

Kane Partners Staffing Agency

For those companies looking for an alternative or to supplement their own effort of a job posting or searching an online database we can help.  The best part is we offer contingency service – which means we work for free until you hire a candidate we introduce!

At Kane Partners we are your staffing agency alternative or as we prefer to say your Partner.

Our expertise is in people.  We understand that every company is unique and that no one understands your company better than you do.

So sell us…

Kane Partners and your Road to Top Candidates

What is important to you in your next hire?  What makes you different than your competitors? Why would someone jump at the opportunity to work for you?  These are a few of the guideposts we use during our candidate vetting process.

Since our sole job is finding you the right candidate we have the time to spend uncovering candidates, searching in unlikely places, using the social recruiting methods that are time intensive and we spend time vetting a candidate before you see them. We make sure that you don’t waste your time, and as you can see recruiting is very time intensive.

Job boards are very useful, as a staffing agency we have access to many of them.  However, they are missing one crucial element when searching for your next hire, the human factor.

Sure the job board can use search algorithms to analyze the text of resumes to match keywords.  What it can’t do is analyze their work history, the layout, and overall experience of a candidate to determine if someone has what it takes.  Staffing agencies have one job and they are great at it… finding candidates.

According to the American Staffing Association the staffing outlook for 2017 is good!

“The U.S. economy has slowed in 2016 and may not accelerate in the remainder of the calendar year as the nation ponders its political elections and the uncertain impact of a new administration and Congress in 2017 and beyond. Nonetheless, most economists expect the U.S. to power through the 2016 weakness and extend the current expansion for another two years or so. Staffing and recruiting sales are highly correlated with gross domestic product (GDP). As GDP expands, so does staffing and recruiting.”

If you are ready to work with a staffing agency contingency or retained – consider Kane Partners. Kane offers 100+ years of staffing experience under one roof.  The executive team is available to you at any time to help navigate through the hiring process.  At Kane each client receives executive level attention on their open positions because that is what it takes to get the job done right.