3 10, 2019

How to answer: What salary are you looking for?

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Effectively Negotiating your Salary While you may assume that salary discussion is the easier part of a job interview, according to headhunters in Philadelphia, it is the one area where candidates often flounder.  In any case, the salary issue can change the entire complexion of your job interview because ultimately money is a decisive factor [...]

8 08, 2019

How to Obtain Feedback After a Job Interview?

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Gathering Interview Feedback Job candidates often face a situation where they believe the interview went well, but for some reason it did not yield a positive result.  If this situation gets repeated in other interviews, it is important to obtain feedback in order to figure out where you might be going wrong, and fix the [...]

28 02, 2019

Lack of Relevant Skills is The Reason Why People Are Unable to Find Work

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Proper Skill-set Lacking for Majority of American Workers According to a new American Staffing Association (ASA) Workforce Monitor Survey, 54% of Americans believe that employable adults are not getting jobs because they don’t possess the required skills for the jobs they want. The survey, which was conducted by The Harris Poll, revealed few other insights [...]

15 11, 2018

What to Watch for Outside the Resume

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More to a Candidate than a Good Resume As employers, an easy trap to fall into sometimes is falling in love with a prospective recruit based solely on their resume and experience. Experience on paper is one thing, the substance behind the resume is something else. A resume won’t necessarily provide employers with the individual’s [...]

22 11, 2017

Nail That Phone interview… With These 3 Simple Steps!

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Three Tips for your next Phone Interview Time is precious. Hiring managers and HR screeners are stretched and stressed. They need to hire but have no time or too many open requirements to fill. As a result, it is now very common to have your first interview on the phone. Sometimes companies will even elect [...]

26 09, 2017

3 Ideas For Changing Your Interview Process

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Updating your Interview Process We hear from candidates and companies alike how frustrating the interview process can be. Very little has changed over the last few decades with the way interviews are conducted.  Some of that is good and some of that is bad. You would think that with the ever-changing world of technology, culture, [...]

25 04, 2017

What Not To Wear: Job Interview Attire

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Dressing Appropriately for a Job Interview Spring is FINALLY here! And with spring comes an abundance of new job openings which means job interviews! When you get a job interview it’s a big deal, we know!  Ok we will tone down the Oprah level of excitement, but it’s a big time for hiring which means [...]

8 12, 2016

3 Tips for Active Listening During Interviews

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Are you an active listener during an interview? Definition of the word “listen”: to give attention with the ear Interviewing is hard. It can be nerve racking, awkward, and downright scary at times.  One of the most important parts of interviewing that is often overlooked is the art of listening.  This is an important skill [...]