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Smaller Staffing Agencies can play in the Big Leagues

What is the difference between a small staffing agency and a big staffing agency? Well, how much time do you have?  Obviously the larger the company, the bigger the profits, the impact, and the notoriety.   However, with the list of pros will come a list of cons. Cons may included lack of senior level  involvement on the staffing agency side and possible lack of quality when it comes to candidates submitted.   A smaller staffing agency has the ability to offer more personalized attention to their clients, a better overall experience in working with recruiters and knowing that they are doing a targeted search based on your requirements and preferences, and in the end an easier search, interviewing, and hiring process on your end that you know has been done thoroughly.

Company Culture

If you are looking for a recruiting company that will be effective in finding the right candidate for your open position, the first thing you should do is find out how they treat and attract their own employees. Company culture is easier to define and sustain with a smaller staff.  Expectations are set based on individual employee preferences and what people actually enjoy doing instead of company policy.  For example we recently celebrated a birthday in our office, and since we know our staff on a personal level we were able to make a cake to the person’s liking and celebrate in a simple fun way that they appreciated.  When someone else’s birthday comes up, the cake, decorations, and specifics will be changed to fit them.  We care about the small things because we believe they impact the bigger things.

This allows for current employees to be truly happy, motivated, and successful in their role and company.  Which will give them the ability to push themselves in their recruiting efforts and ultimately find higher caliber candidates and provide superior services for clients.  If a company is able to create a truly good culture that reflects the valuable people it employees and treats fairly, it will be obvious to all that come into contact with the company, candidates and clients alike that it is a place they want to do business.  Because they care about their people, and if they care about their people, they will care about your people. It also allows staffing agencies to attract more talented and experienced recruiters who can add valuable skill sets and experiences to the team.

small staffing companies 1 on 1 Training for Recruiters

The larger the company the less involvement senior level managers have in the day to day recruiting process and training of new recruiters.  If you have 200+ recruiters, they will make an impressive amount of phone calls a day, but how effective are those phone calls going to be if they were training by the recruiter sitting next to them with only 6 months of experience?  A smaller staff allows new recruiters to go through intensive training on recruiting methods, industry learning, and best practices.  And when your staff is all in one room it is easier to learn from conversations going on around you with candidates and clients.

For a new recruiter, whether they are brand new to recruiting or just new to a specific industry there is a STEEP learning curve. You have to learn everything from how to talk to people on the phone, to the different industry terms, to how to tell when people lie to you, to how to guide a candidate through the interviewing process.  There are a lot of tangible things, like acronyms, job titles, degrees, certificates, etc that one can memorize.  But there are many more intangibles that people have to learn as well, some that are easier taught than others.  Like how to judge someone’s intelligence and capabilities on the phone, through behavioral interviewing, or how their social skills will translate to a working environment. These intangibles definitely take time to learn, but the amount of time it takes can be greatly diminished when you have the right teachers who know how to communicate and tailor learning to new recruiters

Senior Level Management Involvement with Clients

One of the best parts of a smaller staffing company is that when clients need attention they are put in contact directly with the CEO or VP for in depth discussions about their company needs and candidate requirements.  We don’t have hoops or HR professionals you need to jump through, we make sure to put you directly through to the top people in the company for personal attention.

Once you have been in touch with our hiring managers, they will make sure that your positions receive immediate attention from our recruiting staff.  In a larger company that could mean the manager simply emails the job description out with a location and salary range attached and recruiters start “throwing people over the wall” for consideration.  In the end all that really achieves is waste significant amounts of the clients time.  Instead in a smaller company the hiring managers can have 1 on 1 conversations with recruiters who are experienced in that specific industry about the company history, culture, what the job will be responsible for, and the type of candidate you are targeting.  This allows recruiters to start their search 5 steps ahead of other staffing agencies because they already know who won’t be a fit.  So instead of getting 10 resumes flooding your inbox of unqualified candidates, you will get 2 or 3 who have been thoroughly vetted, gone through multiple behavioral interviews, and have a through explanation from the recruiter and candidate of their skills and how they match the position.  Overall the process will be more effective and less frustrating for the client, because one of our Sr Level managers was able to talk directly to the hiring manager and hear in their own words what is important to them.


We know that you have a LOT of options of what type of staffing agency to work with.  We believe that ours is superior in a lot of areas, mainly because we care.  We care about our people, we care about your people, and we care about making sure we do our job to the best of our abilities and making the process as easy as possible for you.

So if you are looking for a new experience when it comes to a staffing agency, give us a call today at 215-699-5500.  Ask for Gary Kane, the company President, he loves talking to clients to determine how to assist them with their staffing solutions!

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