How to Improve the Candidate Experience

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Simplify the Application Process

In the chaos of hiring new talent, the candidate perception is often overlooked. What the candidate experiences is a reflection of a company’s culture and image. Make this process easier more welcoming and stronger talent will emerge. Obstacles in the application process must be removed in order to not deter applicants. Acknowledge candidates efforts and provide closure when the process is completed.

The initial application process should be brief. The application short, clear and without repetition, taking less than ten minutes to complete.  Be sure to inform your potential employee of such, perhaps a coffee or water while they work.

Communicate and Keep Applicant Apprised of Status

Find ways to express that you recognize and appreciate a candidate’s investment of time and effort. Communication is key.  Show yourselves in your best light by sending an email when resumes are received and advising of next steps.

Regardless of result, it is respectful to inform the applicant of their final dispensation. This provides closure, shows professionalism… and leaves the door open for future opportunities.

Great candidate experiences require intent and planning, but are well worth the effort.

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