Engage with People who Inspire you to Help Drive your Career Growth

“Surrounding yourself with dwarves does not make you a giant.” – Yiddish Proverb

The New Year has dawned, bringing new hopes and aspirations with it. If you have the proverbial fire in the belly, you might be setting your sights on launching your own startup or getting that dream job you have been aiming for a long time.

If that is so, congratulations! You have already crossed the first hurdle of the journey by dreaming about it.

That said, dreaming must be backed up by daring. After spending heavily on quality education, or having acquired hands-on skills and experience, the true test will start now. Transforming your ambition into reality is going to require a lot of leg work. And yes, you will need to outgrow your perceived limitations.

In other words, it is time to shed the old skin of a risk-averse, indecisive person, and don the cloak of a doer and an achiever. Burning the midnight oil, enduring hardships, and making sacrifices – they are all going to be the new normals that will dictate your life.

Inspiration – you will need it in Abundance

The journey to realizing top career goals is often uncharted. You will need sources of inspiration and motivation – role models, heroes, mentors, motivators, and coaches who could walk the talk with you. So you better begin your search for inspiration now.

Discover what and who inspires you

Being clear-headed is the key to this discovery. Before you seek your source of inspiration, know what inspires you. Is it real-life sagas, extreme adventure, anonymous heroes, or business tycoons? (Maybe even a National Geographic photographer!)

Once that is clear, go after it like there is no tomorrow. The search should be passionate and purposeful. Discoveries can happen from surprising avenues, so don’t discount any possibility.

Potential Avenues to Explore

Conferences and other public platforms

It is quite likely that your career inspiration comes from influencers and leaders. But which are the best avenues to access them? Check out the public platforms, attend conferences and meets, and even get involved in charity work.

These are some of the preferred arenas where leaders share their experiences, knowledge, and wisdom. The best thing about conferences and talk shows is that you would also get a Q&A opportunity.

Social media engagement

Nowadays social media channels are like expansive town-halls. Almost all enlightened entrepreneurs and other leaders are active on relevant social media groups. So find out about them and initiate conversations. The best way is to send a tweet to them, comment on their social posts, or write to them privately. More often than not, they will surprise you with a reply.

Thought leadership

This is another arena where leaders and influencers generously share their opinions. Blog articles, websites, white papers, and research articles are usually their forte. Access them and indulge in direct or indirect sponging of inspiration.

Personal contact

Surprisingly, leaders are more open, accessible, and humble than they are generally perceived to be. They have been through the grind, and are ready to hold your hand, provided you possess the sincerity of purpose. Pick up the phone or message them and request a personal interaction.

Show readiness to help them in their work

If you have struck gold in the form of a personal meeting with a towering personality that inspires you, show your gratitude by offering to help them with their current project.

It may be background research for their next book, analyzing their Excel sheets, or solving a tech issue for them. And while you are meeting him, be honest about your purpose and fearless about your thoughts and questions.

Key Takeaway

Leaders and influencers relish curiosity and intellectual hunger. They are always ready for you. The question is: are you ready for them?