If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you know first-hand the downsides of having vacant positions in your business. When you have fewer workers than you need, you’ll have lengthy downtimes in your operations. This will reduce your work efficiency and cut back on your production capacity. Thankfully, manufacturing recruiters are here to help you navigate the challenging recruitment market.

As a manufacturing manager, you may wonder, why not trust my internal human resource team to hire new employees? What will manufacturing recruiters bring to the table if I seek their services? Let’s dig in.

Manufacturing Headhunters Attract The Right Candidates

As most manufacturing managers soon find out, there’s no shortage of workers looking for manufacturing jobs. The real dilemma is attracting and hiring qualified and skilled workers who are cut out for the job. This is especially the case when you’re looking for technical and expert employees such as engineers, machine programmers, data engineers, B-level and C-level executives. When your company advertises for these vacant positions, your hiring managers will be flooded with heaps of applications, most of which are from unqualified candidates.

Most likely, your ideal candidate is meaningfully employed by another company. While you and your hiring department may not have the time or the capacity to lure such workers to your company, manufacturing recruiting firms do. It’s easier for a staffing agency to win over the top talents in the industry because they already have their contacts. Having interacted with most of the best workers in the industry, manufacturing recruiters know what offers can prompt them to join your company. With such insider knowledge, a manufacturing headhunter will get you the ideal candidate who is experienced, skilled, and is a perfect fit for your company’s culture.

Manufacturing Recruiting Firms Have A Short Turnaround Time

Drawing from their large database of qualified manufacturing workers, staffing agencies are bound to find the ideal candidate fast. Your hiring department may have a description of what the perfect candidate should look like, but they may not know where to find the top talents. Mostly, your hiring managers will have to conduct multiple lengthy interviews to get the most suitable candidate. The whole recruitment process takes a lot of time, which is a luxury you may not afford when you’re looking to fill a position expeditiously.

Conversely, manufacturing recruiters already have an established connection with the top workers. From entry-level workers, intermediate workers to skilled and expert professionals. Hence, recruiters can fast-track the recruiting process by interviewing only a select few candidates with the most potential. By doing so, manufacturing headhunters land the most suitable candidate more promptly.

You can engage a manufacturing headhunter on a contingency basis, which means that you’ll only pay for their services when you hire. This shifts part of the hiring cost to the recruiter. Your hiring managers will not waste time and resources sifting through hundreds of applications. Instead, you let the recruiting firm do all the leg work and only take time to interview the recommended candidates. You and your hiring manager can handle the interviews in a day or two and get back to your productive duties.

Manufacturing is one of the most important industries in our global economy. In the U.S., manufacturing employs about 9% of the total workforce. As such, there’s a high supply of manufacturing workers, but few are qualified for the technical jobs and management roles. It takes an experienced manufacturing recruiter to attract and hire the most qualified workers for your company from a competitive market. You’ll save time and money when you trust a manufacturing headhunter to fill the vacant positions in your company.