Those who work in the IT industry often don’t have the time or capacity to find the right candidates. That’s why IT headhunters are so important to the recruiting and IT industries! Without the right resources and tools for finding qualified candidates, internal hiring methods for technical positions won’t be sufficient or efficient. Below are a few ways that IT staffing solutions identify qualified candidates for Java programmer jobs.

Finding Candidates

This may seem like the only responsibility an information technology headhunter has, but it’s really only the first step. After speaking with you about the specific qualifications needed for the position, a recruiter is ready to start. As opposed to internal hiring strategies, professional recruiters use large fields of candidates who are specifically seeking out higher-level, technical positions. This is a quicker way to sort through candidates than using a typical, general job posting site.

The right headhunter will have spent time becoming familiar with the programmer job field. Though you know your industry, recruiting and staffing agencies make it their priority to quickly identify candidates that are serious about the position they’re applying for. This first step helps recruiters set up a quick turnaround time for the final interviews.

Confirming Certifications

Once the pool of candidates has been narrowed, recruiting agents can begin administering skills assessments and confirming certifications. Those looking for Java programmer jobs need Java EE and Web Services and Java SE certifications to even be considered for a position. Simply having a certification is not enough. Though a candidate may seem qualified, or even have proof of their certification, they may not be proficient at the tasks required for the position. This is why the assessment part of the interview process is key for choosing the right candidates to move forward in the hiring process.

When your IT recruiter comes back with a list of candidates, know that they’ve done their due diligence to find the best out there. They may have even used a recruiting algorithm. According to Capterra, this provides a 50% increase in chances of hiring productive and competent employees. Our recruiters at Kane Partners can help you fill Java programmer jobs with the right employees. To speak with a representative about your hiring needs, call us today!