A Strong Work Environment Fosters the Happy Worker

Creating a strong work environment. We all hope to find a job that we love with people we respect that we can wake up in the morning energized to get to.  But that isn’t always the case.

There are a lot of reasons why people can become unhappy at work – personal and professional.  Working with people is difficult, and drama can happen.  People can bring their personal lives into the workplace and make it challenging for everyone. Like most things in life, it is up to individuals to let their surroundings define their life. Happiness in the workplace is a choice… YOUR choice!  We aren’t saying it will be an easy choice, but it is possible, and a few changes can make your 9-5 life so much easier!

Let us share 3 ways you can stay positive and be happy in the workplace, starting today:


Smiling is the simplest thing you could do to brighten up the day for those around you to help foster a strong work environment.  You’d be amazed how much something as simple as a smile can help, don’t believe us?  Next time you are at Starbucks or checking out at the grocery store and you see someone working the cash register that looks miserable give them a quick smile and see if they don’t reciprocate.

A smile releases endorphins which make you feel better and enhances your mood.  It’s a simple thing but can really make a big difference. Try it!

Get Up and Walk Around

Sitting in a chair staring at a computer all day can be hard on your back, neck, eyes, hands… and just about everything else in your body.

Did you know that it is recommended to take a break from working at your desk every 90 minutes?  So get up walk around, get some water or a snack. Just doing something active, you’ll be amazed how much better you feel once you get a bit of blood flowing.

Leave Work at Work

There is a big trend going at the moment of people working from home more and more frequently.  For a lot of companies it is now the standard to be 100% remote.  If that is the way that you enjoy working and you have a dedicated office space in your house that you can work from great for you!

For others it can be difficult to resist the urge to take work home.  Just a few more emails to get out, or a couple changes left to make on a presentation.  There is always something else you can do.

But don’t!

Don’t take work home with you unless that is an already agreed upon part of your job.  When you are at work, work.  When you are at home, don’t.  We need separation and the ability to “unplug” at the end of the night.

We realize not everyone will agree with these tips or even like them, but implementing these simple three changes can bring about a world of difference.  Try them out and let us know what you think!