When welcoming new hires, making a good first impression goes both ways. A new employee’s first few days and weeks will set the precedent for what they should expect in their future at the company. It’s important that their eagerness to assimilate is matched by the employer, so here are some ways you can ensure a welcoming onboarding process for your new hires.

Keep Consistent Communication

Checking in on your new hire is important, so make sure you let your new employee know that you are invested in their success and interested in their growth. Being a recent hire’s point of contact requires your availability at the office or through video calls/messaging for virtual settings. Scheduling check-ins at regular intervals will help as they progress through various stages of training. Their transition to a new position will take time, and your assurance that they have support will set them up for long-term success.

Thoroughly Outline Company Expectations

Communicating your company’s typical processes, expectations, and deadlines will help your new hire find their footing early on. Creating a detailed outline of what your new employee should expect will benefit both parties. This way, you can neatly track their progress, and your new team member will have a clear set of goals to reach for. The recruiting and staffing agency making this hire communicates the position’s requirements to your new employee but ensuring that they receive this information well is vital.

Introduce Them to Your Company’s Culture

As an employer, it’s critical to properly showcase the culture of the workplace. The interview process conducted by recruiting and staffing agencies makes sure the candidate is a good fit with the company’s culture, but the work doesn’t stop there. Inviting them to lunch, sharing company stories, and reserving space for them to meet and learn from their co-workers will allow new hires to feel comfortable and secure in the workplace. 80% of millennial new hires question how they will fit into the culture of the company recruiting them, but a personable approach will go a long way in properly onboarding a new employee.

Make Ongoing Changes to Your Onboarding Process

For the constant betterment of the workplace, it’s crucial that you are open to making onboarding changes based on your new hire’s experience adjusting to their position. Noting the parts of onboarding that required extra clarification, as well as asking for your new employee’s feedback, will reveal which training procedures need work.

A new hire’s integration into your workplace is a task they can’t achieve on their own. When you’re using headhunters to staff and working with a recruiting and staffing agency, refining your onboarding process sets you up for success with all future staff. Learn more today by contacting Kane Partners.