You’ve probably been noticing the engineering industry is growing tremendously over the years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of industrial engineers is projected to grow 10% from 2021 to 2031. This projected growth is faster than the average for all occupations, and there are about 22,400 openings for industrial engineers projected each year over the next decade. These projections may make you feel anxious about the coming years, but there are ways to keep up with the growth.

As a growing business in the mechanical engineering industry, you’re probably planning on opening more positions in the coming year, but how do you keep up with such high growth? Let’s take a look at a few ways mechanical engineering headhunters will help your company continue to grow through its hiring practices.

Focus on Getting the Most Qualified Candidates

Having a successful business starts with your employees, but greatness can only be possible with the most qualified team. When creating your open position, you should ensure you give the recruiting agency all the guidelines of what kind of employees you want. From years of experience and certifications to them having the same values as you and the rest of the team, it’s important to ensure the right people are chosen for the job. You can rely on the recruiters you hire and make sure they choose the candidates you’d pick out by yourself.

Give the staffing agency a list of requirements and cultural qualifications you want in a new addition to your team. Mechanical engineering headhunters are experienced in finding new talent for engineering companies across the country. With this experience, they can find the right candidates for you based on your needed qualifications.

Hire Those Who Value the Culture You Bring

If you want to be one of the leading engineering companies in the United States, then you need to make sure your employees are both focused on the job and knowledgeable. You also need to make sure they value the culture at your company. Hiring the right people can help your business grow. As with the growth in the industry, growth in your own company is just as important. A recruiting and staffing agency will find those candidates who value the same culture or those who want to join a culture like yours. A culture that listens, cares about employee satisfaction, and considers feedback is going to be the one to grow furthest in the industry, and a headhunter can help you grow your company and expand your culture even more.

Take a moment to think about what kind of culture your company has and discuss it with the headhunter you hire because they’ll ensure they’ll hire the right people for the job.

Have an Efficient Hiring Process

You might think you have the capacity to sit down, look through a ton of resumes, schedule interviews, and conduct a hiring process, but once you start, you might realize you don’t have enough time in the day to do it all. If you want to hire someone within the next month, it might not be plausible, especially with your busy schedule. With a growing industry, you might be working more than ever to ensure everything is going well and ensure your company is keeping up with the changing technology and meeting quota each day. It’s okay if that’s the case! By hiring the best staffing agency in Philadelphia, you can take a break and mechanical engineering headhunters can ensure you have an efficient hiring process. This process can set you up for success and set a high standard for your company. According to Columbia University, a candidate can usually expect to wait between one to two weeks before they are contacted after applying for a job. It’s important to streamline this process, so you can get the best candidates as soon as possible.

Work With a Recruiting Firm

Your old hiring practices might not be producing the same results, so it’s important to remember that change can be the right option. By changing your hiring process and choosing to seek help from a recruiting agency, you can feel a lot better about getting qualified candidates to add to the team. You can also focus on your growing company without dealing with resumes and interviews.

Not only does hiring take a long time, but you may also have a lot on your mind and you might not be able to focus on it all during the week. Working with a staffing firm and working directly with mechanical engineering headhunters, you can feel peace of mind that your open positions will be filled as soon as possible. Actually, according to the American Staffing Association, 73% of staffing agency employees work full-time, which means recruiters will be focusing on hiring more people for your company for almost 40 hours each week.

Did you know that most job seekers spend 11 hours per week searching for the perfect job, according to Capterra? If you hire our recruiters, we can cut this time in half by seeking job seekers instead. We will find the right candidates before they even know you’re hiring. Social media can speed up the hiring process for your company, and we can have a few new employees at your office in just a few weeks.

Are you worried about the growth of the engineering industry and don’t know where to go from here? At Kane Partners, our experienced mechanical engineering headhunters can help you fill your open positions with high-quality candidates. We want to help you focus on your growing business while we take care of the hiring process. Reach out to us today at Kane Partners and learn how our recruiting firm can streamline your hiring process and help your engineering business keep up with the steady growth in the worldwide industry.