Your company’s culture is probably one of the most important aspects of your team and how you retain your employees. Your culture defines your business and you most likely want to hire candidates who will enhance it. Let’s take a look at how you can make sure recruiters keep culture in mind when interviewing potential candidates.

Define Company Culture to Headhunters

In order to ensure you get a list of the top candidates who will fit in with and improve your culture, you need to define what your culture is. Does your team thrive on collaborating with one another, or do you encourage team lunches and outings? If so, you should mention these aspects to the staffing agency you hire. They’ll be able to use their networking to find candidates who will not only have the qualifications for the position but also are enthusiastic about the cultural aspects they may be a part of at their new workplace.

Add a Requirement for Cultural Needs

Is culture one of your top priorities at your IT or food and beverage company? If there’s been an increase in productivity ever since you added some cultural aspects to your business, then make sure the staffing and recruiting agency knows you need the potential candidates to have an interest in culture. When using headhunters to staff, you can create a list of requirements they need to find in potential candidates.

Have Recruiters Discuss Your Company’s Culture in Interviews

In order to really seal the deal, the recruiters should talk about your company’s culture in their interviews. Whether the candidates applied for the position or were sought out by a recruiting and staffing agency team, culture should be discussed with them. By seeing how they react to the information, staffing agencies will be able to tell if they’re right for your business.

According to Capterra, 69% of job seekers claim that they wouldn’t accept a job at a company that holds a bad reputation. In fact, they’d rather be jobless. This fact shows just how important company culture is to every company people apply to or are interviewed for. Get in touch with Kane Partners today to start using headhunters to staff and see the many cultural benefits of doing so.