A staffing agency’s reach and access to highly skilled workers could be incredibly valuable for a company looking to hire new candidates. According to the American Staffing Association, 73% of staffing employees are full-time workers, which means they’ll be working full-time to complete your team. A staffing agency could be the smartest hiring source for your company if you’re fully aware of what’s required on your end, as an employer, to work with one. If you’re looking to hire the best headhunters to fill full-time roles in your company, there are some key considerations to make before committing to a partnership. Let’s take a look!

Clear Communication

As an employer, it’s imperative to communicate your hiring needs to an agency. Every last detail of the role must be delivered in order for a staffing agency to find and hire the right personnel for the position. Outline the responsibilities and expectations of the job, and make very clear what your company’s values are so that the staffing firm knows a good fit when they interview one. Creating an orientation of sorts that communicates your company’s timeline, typical hiring expectations, and business policies will start your partnership on the right foot.

Do Your Research

It’s essential to do your due diligence as an employer when hiring a staffing agency. Understanding an agency’s strengths, the services they are capable of, and its compatibility with your industry will go a long way in finding a perfect match. A non-specialist hiring firm may not provide the best results if your company specifically needs mechanical engineering recruiters, manufacturing recruiters, or food and beverage recruiters.

Stay Updated

A vital piece to keeping clear communication is providing feedback throughout the process. A firm can optimize its search if you let them know whether or not the candidates they have chosen are what you’re looking for as an employer. As the hiring process moves along, be sure to check in and note the potential candidates’ strengths and weaknesses so they can have an ongoing sense of the full-time hire you’re looking for.

With a firm grasp of what constitutes a strong and healthy partnership with a staffing agency, you can move forward with hiring the skilled laborers your company needs. Get in touch with us today at Kane Partners to fulfill your hiring needs with an experienced team of headhunters.