The pandemic has indeed challenged everyone in all industries, and recruiting is no different. How has COVID-19 changed hiring, and what is crucial for its success when everything is over? This article will talk about how this global health crisis impacted hiring and recruiting overnight.

The New Normal in Hiring and Recruiting

Due to the pandemic, many things have escalated in importance in the recruitment process. Here are some of the new standard hiring essentials to keep your hiring team competitive amid COVID-19.

Technology and Virtual Recruiting

For companies that are looking to hire at this time, reliable technology is there for you. Virtual recruitment is now a go-to method that keeps the hiring processes moving today. Some might find it uncomfortable at first, but it isn’t impossible to make the transition. Here are some of the most critical virtual recruiting strategies:

  • Video interviewing. Since face-to-face interviews have moved online, having dependable video interviewing software is a must. It keeps your hiring pipeline moving, upgrades the candidate’s experience, and boosts the employer’s brand. Just keep in mind to test any software you plan to use, even before your first meeting with a job seeker.
  • LinkedIn Scouting. Another great way to find top talents during the pandemic is through LinkedIn. In this post on How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn, LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking sites that helps connect job seekers with companies. After all, it contains a pool of talented candidates worldwide, and there’ll surely be someone who fits your needs and requirements.

Emphasis on Internal Hiring

According to LinkedIn data, internal mobility has been 20% higher since the onset of COVID-19. Some experts believe employers and hiring managers will continue building their workforce through internal mobility programs and reskilling initiatives. Today, most companies want to ensure that they can sustain themselves long-term before adding headcount externally.

Adaptability of Recruiters

A LinkedIn survey shows how important adaptability is in 2021. It was, in fact, named as the number one skill that recruiters need to embrace. The world is constantly evolving, and with the pandemic, it began to change even faster. Many found that they struggled to keep up. Recruiters need to grow continuously, armed with a massive appetite for learning. It’s vital to regularly and consistently add new skills, fine-tune the virtual hiring process, and reshape employer branding. The pandemic may have changed hiring in many ways, but progressively adapting and learning will always be the key to successful hiring.