A headhunter who recruits for multiple industries can often miss out on the best candidates. Each industry has different needs for its entry-level employees. You should partner with a staffing agency with experience in your industry. Let’s take a look at a few different industries that headhunters specialize in.

Food and Beverage Staffing

A successful food and beverage organization runs on employees at all levels. This includes growers, food processing positions, and floor management positions. Because of this, your food and beverage recruiter should write a specific, detailed post to search for your candidates. Application rates rise by 34% when a video is included in the job posting, so that may be a good addition.

Your food and beverage recruiter should have a list of contacts and current statistics about the industry. This will prove they’ve done research into the current job market. A candidate may have experience in the food and beverage industry, but not be qualified to handle food preparation on their own. Be sure that your recruiter understands the position they promote before posting the job or sending it out to candidates.

Mechanical Engineering Staffing

This industry comes with a different set of challenges than the food and beverage industry. The technical knowledge for engineering is an important part of any position and might be tested during a primary interview to eliminate candidates. Your recruiter should look for industry experience when they screen candidates. This could be an internship, but any experience is better than none. This helps recruiters identify candidates that understand how the industry functions.

They should also select applicants that have grown in the company they started with. This proves a willingness to learn processes and improve skills. A candidate that constantly jumps from one company to the next might struggle with adapting to different protocols. Give your recruiter a list of questions about the position for candidates to ensure that only knowledgeable, qualified candidates are coming to your company.

These two industries require a staffing agency that knows the business. Relying on a large staffing agency that sends out unqualified candidates will make your hiring process difficult and lengthy. A company that focuses on training an engineering or food and beverage recruiter is the right fit for you. Contact Kane Partners today to get in touch with our experienced team of staffing professionals.