Just as job-seekers should be aware of the busiest hiring periods, so too should hiring managers. With recruiting and staffing agencies becoming more and more popular, employers would benefit from making timely arrangements to hire an agency for the busy hiring season. If you’re looking to hire top-tier new talent, here’s how you can secure the assets of a recruiting agency in time for another hiring rush.

New Year, New Talent

As an employer, you may find that the busiest hiring period for your company arrives in mid-January. The slower initial winter period gives your company the opportunity to flesh out your ideal candidate in accordance with a job opening’s demands. 60% of recruiters value how a potential employee might fit in with the culture of the company above all other prerequisites, so establishing what kind of candidate culturally aligns with your company will allow you to approach a recruiting and staffing agency with a clear set of candidate qualities that can guide their interview process.

Take Advantage of the Summer Slowdown

To better anticipate the wave of qualified candidates that arrive in autumn, use the summertime to arrange the resources necessary to filter through this influx with the qualified help of a staffing agency. The winter hiring slowdown is considerably shorter than the summer’s, as it comes right off the heels of the prior autumn season. However, a long stretch of more modest hiring months allows managers to begin making room in the company’s budget to outsource staffing. This is also a solid window of opportunity to research your ideal recruiting agency and thoroughly assess the options in your area.

Research Your Area

Whether you’re on the search for the most acclaimed headhunter in Houston, or the best staffing agencies in Philadelphia, it’s important that you prioritize matching your hiring needs with the agency’s capabilities. An IT company’s hiring season may differ wildly from that of a food and beverage company, so make sure you can lock down a deal with a compatible agency in time.

Hiring seasons can really take a toll on hiring teams if they choose to staff in-house, but preparing a partnership with a staffing agency service ahead of these seasons can ease your workload considerably. Knowing when your company should hire an agency and how far ahead you should make these arrangements will ensure a productive and successful hiring period. Reach out to us today at Kane Partners to get a conversation started!